rooNuimo – best Roon controller ever

Nuimo controller is now connected again :slight_smile:
I removed the upper part of the housing. I think the shielding was too strong for the bluetooth signal. My housing is made out of aluminium. Now I will look for a plastic case.
Thanks for your support.

An external Bluetooth-Dongle for a few $ will help also :wink:

Good idea.
Do you know, if any (or certain) Bluetooth dongle is supported by rooExtend RPi image and the Nuimo controller?
The discussions above are about the Nuimo Hub …

This one works with the rooDial:

TP-Link UB400 Nano USB Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter Dongle

So it should also work with rooNuimo at a RaspBerry 4.

Thanks- ordered :slight_smile:

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If you like aluminium you can go with the FLIRC case Flirc Raspberry Pi 4 Case. It has a plastic bottom plate and this is sufficient for the BT signal.
For this you also can get a nice engraved cover plate from me :innocent:
rooExtend – The easy start with Roon Extensions - Audio Gear Talk - Roon Labs Community

Best DrCWO

TP-Link UB4A also should be fine.

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I can report that the TP-Link UB400 is working with rooExtend for Nuimo on RPi 4. :+1:
The range is now at 4 to 5 meter with closed aluminium case (WAF!). Which is not great, but works in my environment.

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Is there a way to adjust the volume of my amplifier?
It is a Denon X4700H with a web interface. My audio chain is
Roon Core → RoPieee → Topping D50s DAC → Denon X4700H

Current problematic situation is that I need a high volume level on the Denon in order to have enough headroom for volume up with the Nuimo. But when watching TV or using a stream box the initial volume is too high.

Can you setup a input on the denon as a HT passthrough so the preamp section is bypassed ?

If so connect the dac to that input - then the dac volume will control the amp - but other inputs on the amp should be using the builtin preamp volume control.

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Great idea, Matthew. :+1:
I will try and check out that on the weekend.

Yesterday, I tested the connection by AirPlay 2 protocol
Roon Core → Denon X4700H
This gave me full volume control, wake up from standby mode and bad sound quality.
So, no acceptable solution for me.

I agree, BalenaEtcher also did not do the job for me on the Mac, it failed to complete to write the image. There seems to some known issues according to the belena forum.

For the overall setup, I’d like to provide the following hints to make it better understandble for others, as this information was not available from the documentation or the videos so far.

When using a Mac, use the Raspberry Pi Imager application instead of the Balena Etcher application.
The download for macOS can be found on their download page,

Move the app to the Applications folder and start it from there. Then ensure that you grant all access rights which the application requests in order to allow it to read the rooExtend image (for instance “rooExtend_v2.0.2 NUIMO-HUB.img”). Within the app, click on the button “SELECT OS” (German: “OS WÄHLEN”), in the opened dialog, click on “Own image” (German: “Eigenes Image”), then select the previously downloaded rooExtend image for the Nuimo Hub.
Next, select the SD-Card (more precisely Micro-SD-Card, as only this format fits into the slot within the Nuimo Hub) by clicking on “SELECT SD-Card” (German: “SD-KARTE WÄHLEN”), after having selected it, click on “WRITE” (German: “SCHREIBEN”).

The image will then be written onto the SD-Card, it will be named “Raspberry Pi Images”, you can leave the name.

Other then described in the video, I did not have to remove the Nuimo board after opening the Hub as shown in the video rooNuimo - How to modify the Nuimo Hub for Roon usage - YouTube , the screw which fixes the board to the case was really tight. Instead I took some tweezers and pushed the originally installed Micro-SD-Card, removed it carefully, and inserted the prepared new Micro-SD-Card into the slot. That is a bit fiddly, but probably still done quicker and easier than by removing the board from the case. If it doesn’t work for you, you can still remove it. I then changed the originally installed USB stick against a TP-Link UB4A USB stick (it has a longer range than the TP-Link UB400) and closed the Hub again.

After connecting the hub to the router using a LAN cable as described, and adding the license key in the Roon settings, the Hub needed to be rebooted once more before the Nuimo was able to connect to it. After the first boot, the Nuimo didn’t find the hub.

@DrCWO, for the Nuimo settings, I would much appreciate if it was possible to select more than one Radio station, comparable to the original settings of the Nuimo in the Senic iOS app.

Overall, I’m really happy about this solution, which is very well done and allows much more functionality than the original Senic App did to control Sonos. I love being able to control Roon that way.

Many thanks @DrCWO and @Klaus_Engel! It’s amazing that the Nuimo, which is discontinued by Senic (such a pity!), now gets a new purpose, and an even better one then before.

In that sense - have a nice weekend with great music everyone!


Morning all…

Quick question - if I have a Pi running 2.0.2 setup for a Surface Dial - and I get a Nuimo - is it just a case of buying a license and pairing the nuimo to the pi?

Can I have both licensed to the same pi ? - Can u use both at the same time ?



Unfortunately, you cannot combine the Surface Dial and the Nuimo on a single Pi. However you can combine roo6D (Space Mouse) and either Dial or Nuimo on a single Pi.

Thanks… Useful to know!



ok - just to say - its totally brilliant!

Up and running in seconds… and already my son has made some suggestions… as there are plenty of assignable options… could we have say playlist1-3 so different playlists could be started by a touch of a button ?

I also like the fact that as its so configurable it becomes more useful for my dacs which do not have volume control…



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Improvements for the playlist and radio features are on our list.

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Hi Matthew,

the Denon X4700H has no PRE-IN interfaces :frowning:
But thanks again for that hint.

Can I use the extension when roon running on a qnap or do I need a nucleus?

Thx a lot, Martin

You just need Roon. Doesn’t matter on which device.

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