Roopieee Disappears


I’m a newbie here so hopefully this covers all the information needed:

Roon Core:
Mac Mini M1, 8GB/256GB Ram, hardwired into one of the Netgear Mesh Endpoints (MR60) Connected to the MS60 signal repeater. G Drive 6TB HDD by USB C to the mac mini

Pi 4 4GB with Roopieee running on the Pi with Schiit Hel DAC attached, over wifi which is >300MBp/S & Sonos system around the apartment.

The issue I’m experiencing is playing from both Tidal and local files the audio pauses almost buffering to use another term every few minutes. Then I’ve kept a close eye on the roon core this morning I get a variety of messages:

“File loading too slowly”

Then when I have had it playing once more the Pi disappears from Roon and the playback stops and it can’t be selected as an endpoint.

Hi. Welcome to the community.

One thing worth clarifying up front. Is your Core hard wired to the apartment network (and external internet) or just to the Mesh unit? If just to the mesh, I would strongly recommend hardwiring the Core to the network instead. This is recommended by Roon as the quality of the Core connection has a significant impact on the overall system - check the Roon Knowledge Base.

Most of us living in apartments have regular challenges with WiFi, even using Mesh. Superficially your speeds look great, but if you have a lot of other apartments competing for bandwidth you may find your experience is less than acceptable. This may still be OK for your endpoints (less traffic) but not for your Core.

Hope this helps.

Hi Anthony,

My core is hardwired to the mesh extender for want of a better word, so not to the same unit which my external router is attached to. The difficulty with that is my router is about 2.5m up a wall with no easy location to add my core nearby.

I’d hoped by having the core linked directly via ethernet to the extender this would be sufficient…


Hi Joe

This sounds like a challenge. My apartment has a CAT6 hardwire network preinstalled. Although the main router is similarly inaccessible, I was able to connect it to the network and then hardwired from CAT6 network to the Roon Core. My Core lives in a different room to the router - but the hardwired network connection is critical for reliable speeds and performance.

I assume you may have some hardwire network access to connect the Mesh? Perhaps you could think about something similar for the Core?

I use my Mesh just for endpoints - as I could never maintain a reliable WiFi connection to the Core. For some reason (and others in this Community have more networking expertise), Roon Core is extremely demanding on networks - hence the hardwire recommendation.

Good luck - hope you get this solved.

Hi Anthony,

No the mesh repeaters are all wireless so there is no ethernet connection into any except the initial bridge into the modem. There are no ethernet lines in the apartment so I’d hoped by the Mesh being in place the signal would be strong enough to not be an issue.

As an aside, at no point does the Roon core disappear through this process, it remains visible to my iPhone/iPad throughout.


I think somehow you have to get a hard line for the core.
Until then you are most likely to persist in having connection issues even though you do not see it as such, it is happening.
Being visible and being able to consistently playback music are two different animals with Roon core

Thanks for the reply, I’ll try and see if there’s a way to move the Mac mini tomorrow and hardwire that in.

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Before going crazy trying to relocate, this is what I’d do…

1.setup the mini to launch roon server at startup (use roon server, not the server client app) click the roon icon in menu bar and select launch at start.
2. set the mini to auto login to the account with roon, should be in system prefs (I think Big Sur allows auto login)
3. plug the mini in next to the router and hook up a Ethernet cable to it
4. Boot it, you shouldn’t need a monitor.
5. Get a remote, (iPhone, iPad, etc) and connect to the core and try playing a track

If it’s still slow, look further into endpoints.


Thanks for the advice ffk I’ve got a 15m Ethernet cable arriving today which should give me flexibility in where I put it. I’m planning on doing this either this evening or tomorrow to try and see if this solves it.

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the advice. The 15m Ethernet cable and going directly into the router solved the issue! I’ve had perfect audio without a glitch for 4 hours now!