rooPlay - From LP, CD and iPhone to Roon

where can i find the local audio server?


Will there also be a new version for the Nuimo Hub?


Thank you for this information. Being somewhat lazy, I will wait for v3.0.0 …

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is there any way to rename the ‘rooExtend’ device that appears on airplay?

roon display via hdmi doesnt work at all for me, it just doesnt appear as a roon display like in your video. what setup is needed for the roon display to work?

so far it works ok but the 10 second wait for audio is pretty awful (

I can’t seem to stop the playback in the actual CD player. I can stop the stream, but the CD keeps going and ejects the CD when done. Would you be able to add Start/Stop function to the CD menu?

Same issue I also have with Version 2.3.1 and Nuimo. I even use the the recommended tp-link Blue tooth adaptor UB4A for sake of good order but no joy. The Bluetooth signal just keeps flashing but no connection.

Is there an way the Bluetooth setting on the Nuimo can be reset. I also see that DrCWO had mentioned that the Option “Any” under Bluetooth setting on the Nuimo tab will not be there but I still see it as available.

You find it all in the Quick Installation guide available in the Download section.

If it says connected it is connected :wink:
My guess is you have more than one Nuimo in your house and it connected to the second one.

  • Power down the second Nuimo and the second rooExtend
  • Restart rooExtend and see if your Nuimo connects now (no more BT symbol on the display)
  • Go to the extended settings of rooNuimo and select the ID instead of “Any”. This tightly connects the Nuimo to rooExtend
  • Now power off rooExtend and the Nuimo
  • repeat the procedure with your second Nuimo.

Now you can power up both and it should work.
Best DrCWO

As there is no DSD streaming format I stream in FLAC up to 24/192. This is also the format of the saved recording.

Please watch my videos. I show in detail how to configure it

Currently I don’t plan it because there is not so much that had changed. rooPlay can’t be used on the HUB. Why is this important for you?

You can change the hostname of rooExtend on the webpage of rooExtend.
You open it by entering http://[IP of your rooExtend] in your browse.

You have to connect a HDMI TV or monitor BEFORE you boot the Raspberry. On the screen you will first see some boot-messages and then you should see the Roon logo. It appears after you have enabled rooExtend in in Roon Settings/Extensions. Does it work so far?

Yes, the 10s delay are not so nice but this is the size of the internal Roon buffer I cannot change. I will try to ask Roon for a selectable buffer size soon…

If you press Stop in Roon the CD stops and got ejected. But I guess this is not what you are asking for. Probably you like to have a Pause function that stops playback and if sent again it will continue playback right?
I will put this on my feature list :grinning:

In v2.3.1 I also fixed a race condition regarding licensing.

If you can please try if your sometimes disappearing license issue persist with v2.3.1.

Best DrCWO

no i only have 1 nuimo and 1 pi

From my point of view it is impossible that rooNuimo shows connected without connecting the Nuimo. This might only be the case for a short time if the Nuimo was connected and got disconnected by bad Bluetooth signal quality.
Please try with a fresh install and watch the Nuimo after licensing rooNuimo. There must be the check sign if it got connected.
Do you use built in BT or an external USB-Stick or antenna? if internal BT: Does the Pi stand on a metal surface?

Could this be a solution to broadcast the audio stream of a video through roon (or could it do so in the future)?
It has been a long time since I wanted to watch my concerts DVDs / Blu-rays (directly from the disc or by ripping) using Roon for audio and harnessing the power of his DSP

You might use rooPlay with an audio interface that supports toslink input. This input can be connected to the Toslink output of your TV. So far so good.
But Roon has internal buffers of 10s so you hear the audio 10s later als the video. I know sync timing can be adjusted in some TVs or servers but I guess not for 10s.
So technically it might perhaps be possible :blush:

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try a fresh install of your image to the pi? or roon?

i use internal BT - everything worked fine with previous version with pi in the same location which is not on a metal surface.

Image on Pi is fine. Don’t touch Roon.