rooWatch - Smart control for Roon using Apple Watch and Siri

Most of my Roon displays with RPI’s are running Ropieee but inside the case I also have another RPi Zero W/2 running RooExtend with a MSDial or Nuimo paired so they are housed and powered with the same supply and can be rebooted together. It would be great if the rooextend could run as a loaded extension on ropieee too but I guess that discussion didn’t fly. as one could save some significant hardware cost on RPi’s

Vielleicht hätte ich die Frage auf Deutsch stellen sollen. :grinning: .
What I wanted to know was can I control a Roon bridge on a Linn streamer with the music served up by a Roon core on a Sonictransporter from Small Green Computers and the answer I have discovered is
Thank you and well done on a great app!

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Hi. We are a three apple watch family. Can all three watches control roon?


Yes, you only need one rpi with rooextend and one license for roowatch. Then you can connect and use your three watches


@DrCWO , I was waiting for this ever since I joined roon. So this is really wonderful. I’ve immediately took the plunge and got the life-time license.

In my case I had to enter the IP manually which took a bit of time to figure out what I need to do to get to the settings (swipe down on the watch and then scroll all the way down in the settings).

It runs really great and for the moment I noticed only one real issue.

  • Sometimes the app is not able to re-connect. It just displays the message ‘Connecting…’. Only way to solve this is to kill the app and restart it. Waiting with the app on the screen does not help.

Then I have some suggestions for improvements:

  • Auto-stop music in current zone when phone rings (the phone app is in front, so no way to get quickly to rooWatch and stop it)
  • Add option to pause music using Siri (let say if the app is in the background and don’t want/can’t use my other hand to tap the watch)
  • Allow phrases like “play some classical music” - not sure if this is possible, but would be great

Othewise, congrats. Really nice job :+1:

Hi @Klaus_Engel, I’m wondering if possible for Roowatch to have the ability to lock crown volume control when wrist is down and only allow volume adjustment when wrist is up? This would help avoid any unintentional volume adjustments.

Also, maybe an option to only adjust volume when zone is playing, similar to a setting @DrCWO has for Roodial would also be nice.

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Hi @StefanK, happy to hear that you like the App.
Not sure about the network issue. Why did you have to enter the IP address. What kind of network setup do you use? Maybe this is also the reason for the connection problems.
Regarding your suggestions:

  • Nice idea. Let us see if rooWatch can detect the phone ringing
  • There are the "pause playback"or “stop playback” commands, also “Resume playback”. We will look to make those more reliable.
  • There are some limitations combing Siri with the Roon search. We will see if something like that is possible

Thanks for the feedback! Klaus

Hi @Nicholas_Thio, great suggestions. Both are doable, i think. We just need to make sure we do not overload the options dialog.
Thank you! Klaus

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Well I’ve successfully set it up (I too had to enter the IP address) and have the week licence to try it out.

So the first of possibly many questions.

The long press which brings up a screen which has transfer zone on it.
What is this meant to do? I was expecting that it would bring up a list of zones but it doesn’t.
I cannot seem to get it to repeatedly do the same action.
A few times it moved to my kitchen zone and others it chose bedroom.
It doesn’t see to scroll through my list of zones but apparently chooses one randomly?


I should of course have said that the watch app is really great and this will most likely be a keeper.

The Siri integration is an added bonus but I’ll have to practice my enunciation clearly - I asked for Exodus and got




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I am on the test phase of rooWatch (7-days-licence) and I found it not working well.

  1. My old connection range problem with the Nuimo is back, due to the rooExtend 2.2 version. Operating rage is about 1.5 to 2 meters only. Dr. CWO and I discovered this is due to the newer Linux kernel.
  2. Control Roon by Siri in German language is not working reliable: I initiate Siri within the rooWatch App and then Siri often answers, that the searched track is not available on Apple Music. And sometimes Siri asks me, which App to use. Any ideas, how to improve Siri or configure it correctly?

Volume up and down, play and pause is working reliable with the touch on the watch or digital crown.

I am really sorry that you encounter a distance problem with rooNuimo. As you know (we had a lot of private conversation about this) I invested a lot of time to improve the situation with the new Linux Kernel. In the end I was not successful and have to wait for Kernel improvements. Other users gave a lot of hints how they improved their situation. I don’t know if you already tested to bring the Pi in a different location, the idea of the extension cable and some more.

Here is a video how to set up rooWatch correctly:
rooWatch - How to setup rooWatch on the Apple Watch - YouTube

To use Siri the rooWatch App has to be open and visible on the watch.

Maybe @Klaus_Engel can give more help here.
Best DrCWO

Thanks for your reply.
I am the kind of guy, who researchs before writing here :wink:
I tried a lot to improve the connection range. Latest try was the USB cable with the BT adapter (no change).
And of course I watched your video and did follow the instructions in there. (However I would prefer a written setup manual).
The problem seems to be, that Siri looses focus on the rooWatch App.
Lets hope on Klaus and the community :crossed_fingers:

It seems to me that the maximum achievable distance strongly depens on the surrounding situation. Mak wrote here, that with the same Pi and same Nuimo he got 6m in one room and in another only 2m.

… and rooExtend with first Linux versions gives me 5m and the current Linux version max. 2m without changing anything (but the Linux version) :thinking:

I’m learning that Siri needs particular syntax and wording. If I ask Siri to find dark side of the moon “I can’t help you with apple tunes on iwatch”.

However if I say play dark side of the moon Siri duly searches Roon for it.


From limited testing it seems to pick the first hit on the roon search so I got this (as Siri searched darkside as one word not two)

Play Dark side of the moon by Pink Floyd gave no response.

Play the album dark side of the moon by Pink Floyd does exactly as requested.


Play Help by the Beatles plays the song Help.

Play the album Help by the Beatles plays the full album

All in all it’s very impressive work to have Siri playing songs in Roon. There are bound to be a few anomalies. It would be good to be alerted when nothing is not found as in the Pink Floyd example above but I don’t know if this is possible.

Really enjoying this extension.


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Excellent app, how to extend license?

Thank you, makes me happy you like it :grinning:

The seven day license cannot be extended.
Just buy the One Year or Lifetime license. You get a new License key to enter and anything is fine.

Best DrCWO

And how does one buy the license? I get forwarded to a strange third-party site with no option for extending. And when you say lifetime do you mean my lifetime or device service lifetime?

Hi @William_McKinney,
the license can be bought on my Sellcodes page here: Use Apple Watch For Roon

Please understand that I am a one man show concentrating on making cool Roon Extendions. I don’t want to spend my time installing services I can buy at the market. This is what I did with Sellcodes. It is my provider with the infrastructure for sale and license management.

Sellcodes offers an automatic renewal service that I use for the annual licenses only. Getting such a license you will be charged again for the one year fee after one year of use. I have not added this option to the seven days test license as I thought that there is no point in renewing this license. It would be more expensive to use the seven days license over a full year instead of getting the lifetime license.

Lifetime means the lifetime of the company definiteAudio GmbH. If for whatever reason Sellcodes stops offering the license service, I will find a new provider.

Best DrCWO