Ropiee Doesn't connect to audio but can see and enable in extension


As the title states. I can see the Ropieee device under the extensions tab and enable it there but it never shows up in the Audio section.

Has an error screen saying it can’t find the server. Please help.

@Jason_Trayler, welcome to the Community. I moved this to the RoPieee discussion category. I don’t use a Pi for a bridge so don’t know how to configure one. You may need to open a Roon Support post if this is not resolved here.

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There’s no DAC / audio device detected, hence a ‘no show’ in Roon.
Assuming you’re using a USB DAC (you do not have a HAT configured), you need to make sure that it is turned on.

Oh. I also see USB error message in your log. That might be from your unseen DAC. Maybe you can try with a different cable.


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