Ropiee goes missing from core regularly

I have two Ropiee’s on version 396 (not XL). Both of them disappear from Roon core periodically (every few days/week).

  • Both are pi 3’s using Ethernet, not wireless.
  • One has a USB Schiit Fulla DAC, the other a hifiberry Digi hat
  • Both recently reflashed using etcher on good SD cards.
  • Both are set to reboot daily.
  • When they disappear from roon core they are still “up”. I can SSH to them on their static IP. Uptime shows they rebooted at 3am, but both are not in roon core when I checked 7 hours later.
  • other devices work fine and don’t dissapear (ie, 5 SONOS).
  • the process list when working vs not working looks the same. is, RAATServer, RoonBridgeHelper and RoonBridge are all running, as is avahi-publish-service

A reboot of the ropiee device fixes it.

I’m pretty sure this problem started with 396.

I’m wondering if its the regular scheduled reboot that is causing this. Perhaps they do not “register” properly on reboot sometimes. I might try disabling the scheduled reboot to see if that helps.

Any ideas?

I’ve submitted feedback after a reboot: e80a7ae9f23bc0b6

Can’t see anything special, but this is also after a reboot.

Can you run it, and when it disappears from Roon send me feedback (without rebooting it).

Question: is your Roon server regularly booted? And if not, what’s the uptime?

Howdy Harry,

Next time they disappear I’ll send feedback. I don’t usually reboot the roon server - I’ve had it up for 126 and 194 days before with no issues, but I did reboot it 8 days ago to see if it helped with this issue.

Also, thank you for RoPieee and sharing it with the community, it is a great product and I, along with many others I am sure, are grateful for your efforts.

OK, so this morning both ropiee’s are no longer in roon. as of 9.39am they have an uptime of 6.35, which shows they rebooted daily at 3.04am as configured.

I’ve sent feeback from both units. 00c46cd2d13489aa and 872b5720b388305a

I’ll leave the latter untouched in case you want me to ssh in and do any checks. Let me know if there is anything useful I can check on the roon core.

Looks like I’m seeing the same behavior. RopieeeXL disappears from Roon core after a few days of working properly and even upon reboot doesn’t show up in Audio devices. I’m just getting started with RopieeeXL and when it’s working it sounds fantastic : )

I’ve SSH’d in and confirmed the roonbridge systemd service is running and even restarted the ropieee-publish-service (which is running and healthy), but no go. I guess my next stop is to reboot the roon core, just to see if that does anything. All other roon endpoints are up and working as expected, and even the RopieeeXL airplay option is visible.

Nothing has changed in my subnet or network hardware recently.

RopieeeXL UUID: 1ca36ea5805676fa

BTW – I think so far even RopieeeXL is an amazing product! I defintely plan to donate once I get my system stable.

Update: Roon Core reboot didn’t help, but as soon as I turned on my USB DAC (Bryston BDA-3) the XL showed up. So maybe I just didn’t know the DAC must be on! Apologies if that’s the case : )

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