Ropiee on Allo USBridge Signature

Will the Ropiee work on Allo USbridge SIgnature streamer? It is based on RPI3 Compute Module

Yes it will.


Great, thank you @spockfish

Using it right now, ropieee+usbridge signature, and it works fine

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Hallo, I’ m looking into RPI and Katana DAC to feed my Electrocompaniet preamp 4.8. I understand that will work as far as I could fine so far. However, I always come across discussions on best quality on different options of hardware being used. Is there any comparison of the options available or can you recommend a specific combination? Thanks for your reply. Nicolaus

Hi Allan, Very interesting to hear you are using ropieee+usbridge signature. Do you hear a difference? Are you using a DAC HAT, SPDIF or USB IN/OUT to DAC. Looking to build a streamer with USB out to a Digital interface (DigiOne Sig very good, but some Digial interfaces sound better IMHO). Maybe the usbridge signature + DigiOne sig would be the perfect partner? Thank you,

Hi Derek, I’m very pleased with the USBridge Signature. I’m using the USB output I.e. no HAT, to a Schiit Brifrost 2 where previously I was using a Digione Signature into the Bifrost’s spdif input, both the Digione Signature and USBridge Signature powered by their own Shanti power supply. The improvement going to from Digione Signature to USBridge Signature was clear to my ears.

Improvements I heard were a general improvement in ease and naturalness plus an improvement in the timing. What do I mean by timing? The way instruments snap together, right on the beat, giving a better sense of rhythm and propulsion to the music. In comparison, the Digione could sound a little looser in this aspect. Plus, I felt transient leading edges became better defined, less blurry, just clearer and more obviously part of the instrument, e.g. the crack of a snare drum.

The Bifrost 2 is a relatively new DAC from Schiit and is their first product to use their in-house developed USB interface. See here

With this development, Schiit now consider USB to be their preferred interface, whereas before it was SPDIF. Depending on your DAC, your results might vary.

Anyhow, I’m so impressed with USBridge Signature I’ve just ordered a second one to mount my Digione Signature onto. Let’s see how close things are then. In the meantime my Digione Signature is feeding a Schiit Modi Multibit and delivering sterling service there.

Got my USBridge Sig today and addd my DigiOne Sig. everything seems great apart from I can’t upsample to DSD. My previous USBridge would happily upsample to DSD 128 into my McIntosh C52. With the USBridge Sig I get no audio and the C52 reports the signal as PCM 352.8, not DSD 128. Anyone else experience issues upsampling to DSD?

Allan, Thank you for your full reply and you ordered a 2nd. Very interesting and gives me enough to place an order myself. I see the USBridge Sig does not have the ribbon display support for ropieee roon OS, but hey Audio SQ first.

I intend to hook the USB Sig to a PS Audio DAC via USB + I2S and compare this to a Chord DAC via a digital interface - BNC out. To me BNC sounds best (just, I am a PCM guy, may be my hearing can not here where DSD is at !?), yet see that USB could be the defacto audio link in the mid-term. I am of an age where I need to settle down on kit (said that many times) and the streamer element is a real and last focus for me as I have been amazed how important this stage is to that final SQ%. I have paid high $ for little improvements and low $ for large improvements … There is a market gap for well implemented streamers that will not break the bank (I am activity thinking this could be a Business???) and hope the USBridge Sig could an option on that road + a good digital interface (I have) or straight to USB DAC , Thanks again, Derek

Hello Harry, Great to hear Ropiee support for the Allo USBridge Signature.
Is there a way to support the official RPi 7" Display (or other touch screens)?

Thank you, Derek

FYI, my issue was the Alsamixer volume was only at 25. Upping it to 100 appears to have resolved my DSD issue.

Agreed. I’ve gone from Allo Digione, to Digione Signature, to Digione Signature plus Shanti, to USBridge Signature plus Shanti and at each step obtained real fundamental musical improvements that go significantly beyond what would normally be expected in this game for the cost invested.

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Hi @spockfish

Ropieee on USBridge Sig does not display Wi-Fi configuration menu despite the wifi dongle being plugged in.
The dongle (realtek rtl8192CU based) is visible in lsusb and kernel modules (rtl_usb, rtl8192cu, rtl_8192c_common and rtlwifi) are all loaded however the WiFi config menu is not visible in the web panel.

EDIT: Found the issue, script is_wifi_available always returns false if it detects it is being run on a Compute Module

Yes that’s something on my list.

As a workaround, commenting out the check for compute module works fine.

@spockfish, do you confirm that Ropieee “XL” would also be supported on this new USBridge signature.
I’m using it right now on a stock RPI3 and loving it so far. I’m considering the upgrade.


Thanks for the lightning fast answer

Update is out that fixes this.

Very impressive response time, thanks @spockfish