Ropiee on Allo USBridge Signature

Can you send me feedback? So I can have a look if this is a client side issue?



Ok… What’s happening is that RAAT is reporting a large amount of dropouts in communicating with your DAC.

What I find interesting is that you have your DHCP lease time very short: 30 minutes. Although that potentially should not interfere, it is clear that the dropouts start directly after the refresh of the DHCP lease time.

Is there a reason why this is on 30 minutes? And did you change something here?

Both usbridge and my roon server have mac address based ip assignment rules so they’ll get the same ip frim dhcp every time. No idea why the lease is set to 30 minutes, I’ll try adjusting this once I get home.

Ropiee on Allo USBridge Signature work fantastic :notes:
Wow it’s amazing :notes:


I can confirm Paul_Jeno’s comment. I also have the USBridge Sig + LPS with a Gustard U16 DDC. It now replaces a $4k streamer… so much so I have put these with more parts and built a streamer around it inside a slick ali case with screen as a single unit. Looking at a OXCO clock and this will play with the big brands.

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I’ve un issue with the lastest version of RoPieee image with Wifi dongle (the Comcast AC wifi dongle selled by impossible to activate it with the web interface (the “enable wifi” check box don’t appear).
I started tu change the “is wifi available” script as my RPi3 compute module id were missing in the list.
model name : ARMv7 Processor rev 4 (v7l)
BogoMIPS : 76.80
Features : half thumb fastmult vfp edsp neon vfpv3 tls vfpv4 idiva idivt vfpd32 lpae evtstrm crc32
CPU implementer : 0x41
CPU architecture: 7
CPU variant : 0x0
CPU part : 0xd03
CPU revision : 4

Wifi interface don’t allow me to put the wlan SSID / password when I forced the Wifi availability on my device. USB module loaded. wlan device available and I was able to turn it on manually but it stops working after next boot (as systemd network files seems regenerated).
Any solution to keep the wifi on & allow a setup with the web interface? I guess if I modify the scripts mysef, it will stop working with the next RoPieee upgrade :slight_smile: .


Can you send me feedback? You can find it on the advanced tab

Sure: done with ID a9f61d1622e2407a.


I’ve pushed out an update that fixes the CPU revision code (which indeed was not in the list).
Not quite sure if the dongle will be supported (depends on the chipset), but let’s see…


Thanks. Wifi option appears now directly on the web interface. :sunglasses:
But you’re right also: the Wifi dongle is not recognized out of the box (requested drivers are present).
Manual loading of the 8812au driver shows wlan0 interface. The driver was automatically loaded last time.

EDIT: “automatic loading” maybe because the is_wifi_available loaded it last time as my rpi wasn’t recognized. The script tries to find a compatible wlan0 by loading some Wifi modules

After a manual loading, dmesg shows
[ 305.373692] usbcore: registered new interface driver rtl8812au

and iwconfig shows a wlan0 interface
wlan0 unassociated Nickname:“WIFI@REALTEK

I was able to manually setup the wifi association last time ans Wifi worked 'til the poweroff.

No editable option appears on the wireless setup screen (all fields are disabled).


Well… Works, my mistake (or displayed screen was unclear :flushed:). When enabling Wifi: the fist screen is the current Wifi settings (no wifi settings the first time). After submitting the empty wifi settings, the network setup shows editable wifi options (SSID + passphrase).
Reboot: wifi setup OK. thanks again.

Back in RoPieeeXL land, after upgrading my USBridge to USBridge Sig with LPS. I did as well some reconfiguration in my network: Use an audio optimized switch (Bonn N8), put the Core behind the switch and connect the transports via LAN.

Great SQ for relative small investment. Thanks @spockfish, I really appreciate your great engagement.

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It would be neat to see a photo of that (inside as well) if you’d care to share. Been a little while since I’ve followed this thread and your post caught my eye. I like cool DIY projects like the one you’ve been working on. Happy listening!


Hi John, Here is a Pic. I really am considering the streamer I built as a potential product/business, so I have redacted the favoured ‘name’ from the photo. See this as my 2nd prototype. You can see the display cut out for the Gustard U16. I can not show the internals …as…
I have since updated the DDC elements, with new modified power supply, homemade USB cables and few other electronic parts. It surpasses the stock Gustard U16 yet keeps the USBridge Sig. I have been buying many circuit boards from around the world to test the Specs and more importantly with blind testing Ears (people).
3rd Prototype WiP: I have the same chassis in silver and am looking to us the best of these boards and what I have learnt to date + home auditions of the better streamers. I would be surprised if I replaced the USBridge Sig? The WiP may have a smaller 5” screen within the 8mm face plate…??? I have just ordered a Singxer SU-6 as a reference DDC piece to judge my prototypes as the DSX1000 has been surpassed.
You will see a Chord DSX1000 ($13,000) and the black streamer you see easily outperforms the streamer element of the DSX1000. I have been testing the streamer with a full Chord Electronics system and Wilson Benesch Act speaker (amazing, real keepers).
Feeling confident (at the moment) I can surpass $5,000 streamers. I heard 3# $10,000 streamer at my first HiFi show and can say my current 3rd prototype did not sound worse.
Hate going from Ethernet to USB to XLR/Coax (all that processing for PCM), yet our ears are telling us a clean & precise signal is key to great digital sound. I would even say as much as a DAC!


Good luck with your venture, it looks like a great idea! On a much smaller level (love all that Chord gear by the way!) I have just replaced an Auralic Mini streamer with a stock Raspberry Pi 4. Using straight USB output (into a Mojo DAC through my Heed Obelisk SI integrated and DIY full range Mark Audio driver MTL floor-standers) the Pi 4 USB output is astonishing, I don’t really have any other words for it!

Swapping the Auralic back in and out (also on USB) shows the Mini to be almost veiled (I know, sorry about the audiophile wording) whereas the Pi 4 is if anything a little too revealing! Its not digital hash, the individual instruments are laid bare, voices are clear and precisely positioned - I just listened to a Roy Nathanson track and I just sat there gobsmacked! :blush:

Methinks the DAC and its USB interface are crucial to whether a certain streamer’s USB output is liked or not liked, which is annoying, but obviously the little Pi (£70 all in with pretty alloy case!) and the Mojo play very nicely together!

I do agree with you that audiophile streamers are massively over priced, which is why I think the manufacturers are focusing on building the streamer into the DAC now - means they can justify a more esoteric price tag for a more functional product. I realise custom designed circuit boards cost money and audiophile tweaking of the finished article is a time consuming job and all - but you are onto something if you can create an ‘artisan’ product on a small scale that beats the big boys at a sensible price.

My friends at Trichord years ago told me they had to multiply the build cost by five to cover all eventualities and make a profit! So its understandable that ‘sensible price’ shouldn’t be cheap - that’s for the DIY market! :blush:

Thank you Tim,

Yes, 5x is the number 20% of the Retail price seems to be the manufacturing price. I guess retail takes 50%? Then again, I am buying one-offs, so not at scale. Bulk manufacture is the key if you want to risk $$$ on a low/high seller.

Thanks for the support in your comments. If I could make 100-150# units per year, I would see that as a nice side line leading to a career change (my wife is now long-term ill so I have another reason for pursuing this).

The Chord Mojo is incredible value for money and am sure you are enjoying that. As for Pi4 …. well to me and my poor mates who blind test… found Pi3 sounds better (just) IMHO.

USBridge Sig + LPS + optional DDC = agree: will sound better than the Auralic Mini IMHO.

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Very Nice !!! I like the silver case idea, too. So you’re not happy with the Gustard? (no idea how it compares to the Singxer). Also, unrelated to the streamer, but like the idea of Wilson Benesch - they make some very attractive speakers, although have never had a chance to listen to any of them. Keep up with the development - great idea and keep us posted!

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Thanks John,

The Gustard U16 is the best bang for buck DDC in a single package IMHO. The U16 from a roon point of view, due to its ess chip does not allow software app volume control (its fixed volume), so for a 1box Streamer product can not be sold as full function roon. The Singxer SU-6 came yesterday and on first listen (not burnt in) is a more rounded, fuller and slightly softer sound and is not a big step away from the U16 (need a week to hear more… at the moment its better but not best bang for buck). Would not be unhappy with the U16 inside my setup.

I have found PCBs that better the U16 and have them insight for any potential retail streamer/DDC product. The reason I bought the SU-6 was a better benchmark to compare my experiments with (the U16 might prove enough of a standard for upper-mid/low-high end!?).

Wilson Benesch and ProAc speakers do it for me. I still have a pair of ProAc Response 2.5 in use and ProAc Response D1 in my office (amazing for their size). The ACTs work very well with CHORD and just take it to a different place and look great also…

You know Derek people used to moan about computers being introduced into their hifi system, but right from get go I loved the idea, I was playing with a Squeezebox when there was bugger all to stream form anywhere - except from a great big Windows server I had with my rips on it! Now having only just summoned up courage to assemble a NUC ROCK core and Raspberry Pi endpoint (and how easy was that!) I’m fascinated how it has extended two of my favourite interests (IT and hifi audio reproduction) and given me such fun playing for so very little outlay - room correction next! Help! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: