Ropiee shows playing info but no audio

Hey guys. Please could i get some assistance.

I have rasp pi 2 setup with ropieee using 2x different SD cards.

1st SD card is an old install that I just updated. I plug it in and the zone comes up in Roon and plays no problem.

2nd SD has new install of Ropieee with a display enabled. I can see now playing info but no sound…here is the weird part.

After deleting the zone and rebooting things a few times it starts playing audio and works for a while. Then I stop playing music come back 2hrs later and again no audio but it displays on the screen.

Running Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Rev 1.1

Have sent feedback info as well 91001f8990af9e4a

When swapping hardware I would always suggest a fresh install from a newly flashed sd card.

Thanks for the reply. I have installed multiple times. What i have done now is plug the rasp pi 2.5A psu into the pi board and no the screen. This has been a bit better but i paused the audio for about 30mins while i was on a call when i came back and pushed play the sound was gone. Again the image displays on the screen that its playing. Roon core sees the audio device, Roon remote also shows now playing but no audio.

Rebooted the pi and it came back so its a weird intermittent issue.

Will keep monitoring.

Are you seeing a yellow lightning bolt showing in the pi display?

Not at all. No power errors anywhere which is a weird one.

Running out of ideas. This pi and dac ran fine for about 2 years only getting issues now since adding the screen

I would go back to a unit without screen to make sure everything on the audio part is working.

I will do that this evening and run it for a few days. Can you pickup anything from the feedback i sent?

In essence everything looks good. Only thing that ‘looks weird’ (dont’ have experience with this HAT) is that I see a rather strange minimal volume level being reported by RAAT.

So maybe, for some reason, the output get’s muted.

When it happens, is audio back after a reboot?

Ow. And another thing: your using XL.
Can you test this with disabled other services? So focus only on RAAT (Roon).

Sometimes a reboot works, other times it makes no difference.

I was initially using standard version of Ropieee but changed to XL in hopes it would fix things.

Audio stopped again after pausing. Rebooted and no audio.

I unplugged screen GPIO cables rebooted again and audio is back.

However i cant say this is a permanent fix as sometimes after 2 or 3 reboots the audio would work with the screen.

I am busy creating a non-XL SD card now and will use that as well and see if its stable…Such a weird and confusing issue.

Leave the screen out, as earlier suggested.
Also no need to reflash to non-XL: just disable the outputs from the services.

To late lol.

I flashed another SD card and running standard Ropieee. WIll update you with progress.

Thanks for the amazing support thus far!!!

So far no glitches with the screen disconnected.

I will keep testing throughout the day and update you.

Wonder if its not because im running a pi 2 instead of 3?

No that has nothing to do with it.
Could be that the HAT you’re using has an issue with the screen (maybe some weird stuff on GPIO’s going on).

But first let’s make sure the audio part is working like it should :wink:

Still seems stable.

Have had it on pause for the last 3hrs or so while i have been in video conferences. Pushed play and music started immediately.

So far so good without the screen.

Confirmed all is still playing fine with no screen attached.

Seems when screen is connected there is a issue. Hit and miss of music will play or not.

I suggest you setup a separate pi with a screen. I still suspect there’s a conflict on the GPIO part with this particular HAT.

Thanks. There is no stock in South Africa currently on any pi hats for audio. Will see what else I can find

Just an update.

I have removed the yellow and green jumper wires that come with the touchscreen. I re-installed Ropieee and music played first time and the screen is working.

I will test this over the next few days and let you know if the problem is solved…