Ropiee via Wifi not recognized

I installed a Raspberry 3 with Ropieee in my kitchen today. (I want to have music playing while cooking; a non-high end situation). I have an active loudspeaker with a line-in input and I want to use the Wifi-option in Ropieee to make it all work.

I did the following:

  1. Enabled Wifi in Ropieee local in my local network
  2. Did the reboots

The problem is that Roon does not recognize my Ropieee via Wifi, wired is ok.

Anyone an idea of what is wrong here?

You need to use a dac or hat on the rpi, as the 3.5mm on the pi alone is not good enough to be used and ropieee disables it. Roon will only show up the pi endpoint when there is a recognized dac option enabled. Either a DAC hat or usb connected DAC like a dragonfly dac or other small usb dac.

Even with a USB DAC-connection Wifi doesn’t work (UTP-connection works OK)…

OK, I’ll consider to buy such a hat but first I need to get Wifi to work.

Suggest you send a feedback to @spockfish if you can access the web GUI via WiFi with a usb dac connected and powered on.

I will send feedback.
I cannot access GUI via Wifi. There must be something wrong with the RB’s Wifi because even my router cannot ‘see’ it…

Certainly sounds like a config issue, so maybe sending feedback from the lan connection will also be of some help to Harry.

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Hi Harry @spockfish

If you have the time to do so please have a check at my Ropieee setup. I cannot get Wifi to work. Everything works OK via utp. I have a RB3 model B



I’m not sure why you think it doesn’t work.
It has an IP address, so it’s operational.
Are you accessing the webpage via ‘ropieee.local’? And do you keep your cable connected?

Yes I’m accessing it via ropiee.local All the settings there seem to be ok. However Ropiee via Wifi isn’t visible in both router and Roon. (with or without the utp connected).

After rebooting / restarting all the gear works OK.
Thanks for your time!

@spockfish This morning Wifi is not working again :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

based on what? You can’t reach the webpage?

I cannot reach webpage and Ropiee is not recognized in Roon

I’m reflashing now

Reflash succeeded, Wifi enabled via ropieee.local, reboot.

What is the best to do now? Just disconnecting the utp cable and see if Roon recognizing Ropiee via Wifi?

I don’t know if you are experiencing the same issue as me. I use a RPi 3A+ with wifi. If I switch my DAC off before Roon is finished with it, it kills Ropieee and I have to reboot the Pi before it will be recognised by Roon again.

Don’t know because it isn’t working at all (except for a brief moment yesterday). Via utp networkable all is working well.

Disconnected utp and restarted Pi. All good now!
Reflashing Ropieee did the job? Don’t know.
Thanks for your time.