RoPiee with HifiBerry HAT - no USB out

I am running ROCK on a NUC and have two RPi 4s with HiFiBerry HATS as end points in my network - one with a Digi+ Pro and the other with a Digi2 Pro, one wired via ethernet and the other wifi. Both are currently running RoPiee 2022.03 (0126). Both of them worked quite happily with coax via wifi on my McIntosh MA5300 amp over many months.

I decided to abandon coax in favour of USB - one RPi connected via wifi to my McIntosh amp and the other via ethernet to a Topping D90se. But neither of these end points work with USB while the HAT is on the RPi. If I remove the hat and use the native USB out from the RPi then both devices work perfectly; if I leave the HAT on, ROON does not see the USB end point so I presume it is not making a connection with the DAC and therefore is not running on the RPi.

The RPi with the Digi+ Pro never worked with USB. The RPi with the Digi2 Pro worked with USB for about 4 weeks until today when it suddenly and mysteriously stopped working. I removed the HAT, re-flashed the OS and it is now working.

I assumed that setting the “Audio USB” switch on the General tab of the RoPieee control panel would enable the native USB out on the RPi, but maybe this does not apply with HATs?

I am actually not too concerned about this as a problem, as moving to USB connections was my original goal and I do have USB working on both devices, but I now have two HATs that I cannot use even if I wanted to. A solution to this would therefore be less wasteful.

Does anybody have any idea or similar experience?

Yes, you must enable Audio USB in RoPieee, and then follow through with reconfiguration and a reboot. Then go to Roon Settings > Audio and enable the device (even if it was connected previously using a different device.)

This certainly should work; I can add a second DAC to my RPi / DigiONE combo (albeit this is an RPi 3B.)

If you send feedback from the Advanced tab and quote this here, @spockfish may look into this for you.

Incidently, I’m using RoPieee NG, but this worked with the original release too.

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Hi @Martin_Webster, I have removed and replaced the HATs, rebooted and re-flashed both devices and re-booted the NUC numerous times in many combinations and sequences but still could not get the USB end point to appear in Roon Audio settings - including setting Audio USB to ON on the Ropieee General tab. The coax connection always turns up in Roon when I enable the HAT in the RoPieee General page.

Yesterday when I had this problem I disabled the HAT in the RoPieee General settings page and re-configured and then re-booted the RPi but USB still would not appear in Roon. So I physically removed the HAT and repeated - that is, reconfigured and re-booted the RPi - but still no USB even with USB enabled in the RoPieee General tab. So I re-flashed the OS RoPieee OS and connected it to my McIntosh amp and USB appeared in Roon immediately.

Tonight I added the HAT back onto the Pi4, set the Audio HAT setting to HiFiBerry Digi2 Pro in the Ropieee General tab, re-configured with USB and HAT enabled and re-booted and both USB and coax appeared in Roon.

So now it’s working. Hmmm. Transient problems are the worst to debug.

I’ll repeat with the RPi with the Digi+ Pro and see if that spontaneously starts to work as well.

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Hi Anthony,

What version is your Raspberry Pi?

@Nigel_Potter Both are Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.4.

One has 8GB RAM, the other 4GB.