Ropiee without DAC?

Is it possible to use the excellent Ropieee software on a RPI3 without a DAC and using the audio output of the RPI its self?
It’s only to play MP3 in my Gym.

Unfortunately not, but you can flash DietPi instead, then use SSH into DietPi to set up Roon bridge, outputting analogue from onboard audio.

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you could get a little $100 AQ Dragonfly Black USB DAC, but maybe that’s overkill for what you need.

OP requested “without DAC”, and even if, a 16$ HIFI Berry DAC HAT would probably suffice…

Tru dat, but was thinking he was just trying to avoid some larger shelf-placed DAC in favor of portability.

Actually a little class D amp on top of the rPi would make for a tiny one box solution for the garage. I was thinking something like this:

But I ike Ropieee so much!

Well then, get a cheapo DAC-HAT, and off you go!

Or, even take @Sheldon_Stokes route!

I use the Hifiberry amp2 mentioned by @Sheldon_Stokes above on a Pi3 board running RoipeeeXL feeding Wharfdale diamond 9.1 speakers. Works fine and fills our dining room with sound.