RoPieee (290) Zone Not Found error

Since a few days I get a Zone Not Found error on the display when I start up the RoPieee.
When I restart the Roon Remote extension, the display shows up alright, but it’s not syncing with the music, the progress bar does not move and the song title dos not change when the next song plays.

Logs have been sent to RoPieee HQ with unique identifier 3fb710e2c831d8ef

Will probably need reflashing?

I have a couple of stable units not updating to 292 … feedback in case you need it…I m guessing flashing needed too?

c01ac4d79957f213 and 11eee5c63146c6f0

There is no 292.

Hi @seagull,

Sorry for the late reply, totally missed your post.

Weird thing is that from the logs everything looks ok… question: do you have a ROCK? Can you restart your server?

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No problem @spockfish, the music was still playing. :musical_note::musical_note:
Indeed, using ROCK and everything is back to normal after a reboot of the NUC.

Someone thinks there is…

is this one on the beta channel?

No stable…bit of a stuck in no mans land…might reflash it