Ropieee Allo Usbridge signature

Hi, this will be a quick answer for some. Does the allo usbridge signature work with ropieee xl?

If so how do people find it?

Hi, yes, I’m using this setup with ropieee (basic) only and it works fine. DAC is a pro-ject DS2 pre box digital.
At the moment, it looks like there is a problem with the TLS certificate of the Roon update server. So the roon bridge doesn’t get any update. It’s a general roon bridge update issue.

I have received my streamer now and installed XL on it and it seems to be working great with a Chord Hugo TT 2.

I hope the update issue you said gets fixed but we will see, Ive had had an update yet.

Any idea how to turn the silly bright green led off?

How about a pair of pliers?

Haha dont want anything thats going to damage it. I may have to do with a sticker for now.