Ropieee and Beocreate?

Hi there.

Not sure whether this has been addressed before. Hifiberry offers the Beocreate board, essentially an all in one DAC and amplifier to use in old passive speakers.

Their raspberry package enables WiFi and Bluetooth audio to the board. I would love to build one and use as a stand-alone Roon endpoint / system.

Any chance RoPieee can be used to do so?

BTW, thank you so much for the project and all the effort involved. Running an RoPieee endpoint with the HiFiBerry DAC+ and love it.


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Hi @Ande,

Biggest issue is that I don’t have this hardware to test with.
I need to do some reading here, still not sure how this works.


Good morning @spockfish,

thank you for considering to support this specific hardware.

Are you interested in the project? If yes, I would try to supply you / donate a board to you.


@spockfish - according to Daniel from HiFiBerry it looks like all you have to do is to select the “HiFiBerry DAC” driver …


I’m still not entirely sure how this should look like.
And to be honest: is there a reason why you want to do this with RoPieee in stead of a more general purpose solution like DietPi for example?

Regards Harry

I ordered one, and will try. Will let you know how it works :wink:


@spockfish: it’s a DAC/AMP board with profiles for a few Beovox speakers and a generic profile as well. It can be activated by selecting the HifiBerry DAC – works with Ropieee out of the box.

Here’s the guide – Ropieee mentioned: :slight_smile:

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Any further update on the Beocreate? My use case is:

A) I want an amplified Roon endpoint to power some speakers and
B) I want the Optical-In to connect to a TV so it will work with the Beocreate driven speakers.

That’s why the Beocreate is of interest.

The link above has guides for DietPi and RoPieee and HifiBerry themselves suggest both work with Roon. For the optical-in, this may work ‘out of the box’ but you are likely to get a better response on the HifiBerry forum than here as Harry doesn’t have a Beocreate, but the HifiBerry team do have Ropieee!

Is it possible to drive the speakers separately? I don’t want to send multiple sources of music to the DAC, but I can see situations where I would want different volumes in the two rooms?