RoPieee and Daylight Saving Time

Interesting events this morning.

All three of my RoPieee based units did their reboots at their scheduled times this morning. (I was listening to music via one when it did its reboot.) But none of them came back up and running properly. Trying to access the web interface of each gave, “This site can’t be reached.”

The two Audiophonics RaspTouch I-Sabre ES9028Q2M units didn’t come back to their usual time display screens. Instead they have text on the screen…

*** Welcome to RoPieee! ***

… Entering stage 3. We’re almost done …
… Waiting for NTP synchronization …
… We’re ready. RoPieee is RUNNING …

I tried playing music to one and it seemed to be working, but then stopped after a few minutes.

It’s now 5:30 am here. Earlier in the morning daylight saving time ended and the clocks went back an hour. I’m wondering if this is causing some issues with RoPieee.

My ROCK had been running 2 days, 9 hours. I can’t tell what time it thinks it is at as the ROCK web interface page doesn’t show the date and time.

I suspect a reboot of the ROCK, plus the three RoPieee based systems may be required.

Rebooting the ROCK via the ROCK web interface resulted in the message…

Device has not rebooted. Please try manually powering off, or contact support.

And then, without doing anything, the ROCK web interface came back with running times reset. Strange.

The web interfaces of the three RoPieee v091 based units were okay once the ROCK had been rebooted. (It would be handy if the RoPieee web interface showed the date and time as well.)

However, the Audiophonics RaspTouch screens still have the same text being displayed (see above), even after I powered one down and back up.

Hi ,

We hit a bug today because of an update by ArchLinux.
I’ve been working on this all day, and I expect (or hope :wink: ) to release an update in the coming hours to address this.

Regards Harry

Thanks Harry, So nothing to do with daylight savings time? Was that just a coincidence?

I expect so.

Ok update is out there.

Thanks, so reboot and it will pick it up?

If you left it on ‘automatically’ then yeah. Reboot and give it some time (20 minutes or so).
If you put on manually (see the ‘advanced’ tab) you can force this.

Everything seems to be back to normal with v095. Thanks Harry.

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