RoPieee and Lyngdorf TDAI-2170

Hi everyone,

I’m actually using RoPieee via USB to my actual DAC miniDSP DDRC-24 without any issue.

I’m thinking to buy the amplifier named Lyngdorf TDAI-2170.

Unluckily it doesn’t support Roon.

So, I will able without any issue to use RoPieee on the Raspberry via USB to the USB module of the Lyngdorf?

You get me such a device and I’ll make it work :wink:

On a serious note: I would expect this to work considering their USB support.


Easy - get the newer, smaller and less expensive Lyngdorf 1120 with Roon support instead of the 2170.
Remarkably good amplifier.


I use Ropieee on a Raspberry Pi4, connected to the USB module of the Lyngdorf tdai-2170.

I have the volume set to fixed, and I use the volume control on the Lyngdorf.

Thanks to all.

I didn’t notice the 1120 model.

I think it’s smarter than the 2170 but at same time I’m afraid is too weak for my loudspeaker.

I’m not so sure about 2170 now. I think it’s obsolete.

I will probably wait for a 2170 with the smart features of the 1120…

The 2170 is not obsolete. It is a perfect amplifier.

I am also using a 2170 with a USB module in it. The 2170 is via USB connected to a Synology DS920+ NAS (DSM 6.2!) with Roon Core running. No problems whatsoever.

In DSM7 USB audio is not longer supported. So I am thinking of buying a Raspberri Pi 4 as Roon endpoint:

DS920+(Roon Core) -->(ethernet) Raspberry Pi 4 -->(USB) Lyngdorf 2170


See if you get a trial loan of the 1120. It runs my Kudos speakers plenty loud with effortless control in a room 11x6m.

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Thanks to both.

The TDAI-2170 is without native support of Roon and I think is out of production.

I already had doubts about the missing of Roon support but now that I see that exists the 1120 and the 3400, with support, I think I will avoid the 2170 at all.

I already own a Pi 4 with RoPieee on board, but, I guess it’s better to have everything on-board.

I really doubt about the power of the 1120, even if it could go well with my speakers, in a room of 4,5x4,5m, I will always the wish to prove the 3400, so… I am looking to test the 3400.

My country dealer seem that don’t have the unit immediately (unlike the 1120).

BTW, for you both owners of RoomPerfect, did you compare the results to Dirac Live?

Actually I have a Roksan K3 with miniDSP DDRC-24 with Dirac 3: according to you, I will have an effective update with the RoomPerfect on the 1120 or the 3400?

What you think?

I used Dirac on a NAD M10 and RP on the 1120 during my evaluation.
The M10 sounded good but the 1120 and RP won quite easily on both ease of use for correction and sound quality.


Not quite the same, but I’ve used Dirac Live on my Arcam AVR850, but changed to RP on my Lyngdorf 3400 after an extensive home trial of the 3400 and 2170. In my room and on my system, RP has proved far superior to Dirac.

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I cannot thank you enough for your comments.

It seem that is easier to have a trial at my home of the 1120 than the 3400.

Do you think that 1120 could be enough for my loudspeakers?

30 ÷ 170 watt suggested amplifier
4 ÷ 8 ohm amplifier load impedance
35 ÷ 22000 hertz response
92 dB (2.83 V / 1 m) sensitivity
2 x 180 mm woofer
140 mm midrange
26 mm dome tweeter
300/2800 hertz crossover

I can’t see any reason not to get a home demo of the 1120 if you have a dealer who is happy to loan you one.

Checking the spec for my Kudos X2’s, they are less sensitive than yours and so I would be quite confident that it would drive them well: Kudos X2 Loudspeakers - British Made | Kudos Audio

In the end, I ordered the 3400, to stay absolutely sure about the driving abilities.

I really hope that RoomPerfect will give me a better result than Dirac, in my room.


Good luck! Hope it works out well for you. :smiley:

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