Ropieee and outbound connexions using SSH protocol

Hi there,

Using a egress filtering approach on my firewall, I noticed my Ropieee device was attempting to create outbound connexions to some github hosted servers using port 22 which is rather unusual.

I wonder if anyone (maybe Ropieee’s developer) could explain the reason behind this.


Its software update? Or check for a new version it seems to do?
(I myself am just a user, but have noticed a new version notification in the GUI once in a while, even if update is set to manual.)

That could be an explanation but it doesn’t seem to be documented somewhere and software updates usually use port 443.

RoPieee connects to github periodically and that’s what you see here.

Thanks for the reply Harry.

May I ask for what purpose and why the ssh protocol ?

it’s actually destination port 22 on your screeshot.
e.g. ropieee pulls updates from github via ssh , as https git access will be obsoleted sometime in future

Well yes, “outbound connexion to port 22” which means the same as “destination port 22”.

Thanks for the explanation, not a git user so didn’t know pulling updates by using SSH protocol was something common.