Ropieee and remote control

Hi, are there any plans to add remote control via an IR USB dongle like Flirc? The Roon UI is superb, but sometimes it’s useful to have simple controls like pause, play, prior track, next track functions available on a physical remote. Thanks, Hammer


would love to see that too. any chance?

Might be. I don’t have the hardware. I need to look into this if this can be implemented without requiring a lot of configuration, because that would harm RoPieee’s intention.

Any links?

A very popular USB IR receiver is flirc which emulates a USB keyboard.

Website is

Thanks for considering this. Would be a huge addition!

Any updates?

I would love to know if the flirc usb would work with my Pi4. Would be fabulous.

Yes it should.

How would I assign commands to it? Is there an interface?

No there isn’t. Just place the receiver, go the webpage and configure the zone (under the tab ‘remote’).

The usual media commands (play/pause, next, prev) will work out of the box.

I cannot get it to work. Flirc unit is updated (firmware), configured properly (from my understanding), and identified in Ropieee. But nothing really happens… Makes me wonder two things:

  1. What have I missed?
  2. Maybe an indicator in the UX of Ropieee should indicate that a remote signal was detected and passed through to Roon?

Any input on how to get this to work would be much appreciated!

Log to be found in #### 8cac99811a6b4ff4

Everything seems fine, except that I don’t see any keys being received.

I’ve to admit that documentation is lacking in this area :-/

I guess the profile used on the is the wrong one. I need to build mine out, but I think it’s on ‘media keyboard’ or something like that.

Hi Harry, @Maron has the same USB IR receiver as me we have been trying to diagnose in the Pi4 thread. I followed your last instructions, sent the feedback and await your reply.

I know this isn’t s full time job so take as long as you need buddy. Hope you received the donation I gave for the help you have been giving.

@spockfish I’ve noticed a few new builds since posting this. Has thier been any improvement on the Flirc usb yet?


@Paul_Whittaker Ok finally got the time to look into this.

You need to make sure the controller is set to ‘Media Keys’ in the Flirc tool when you program it.
RoPieee listens for a small subset (KEY_LEFT/KEY_PREVIOUSSONG for example) and if you’ve got the remote control configured with the wrong profile in the Flirc tool it won’t work.

Hope this helps.

Hi, it’s been set to media keys all along but won’t work. I’ve tested the receiver on my pc and it responds but not the pi. I’ve sent you a previous feedback you requested but that was several builds ago.

As a reminder my roon control zone says unknown by default. I’ve changed to name to match the output name in Roon but no result.

Here is upto date feedback


The logs show everything is ok. And the that the zone says ‘unknown’ is logical, as this is the part you need to configure.

Which keys have you configured? And with which keys are you testing?

Are you familiair with SSH?

I configured next track, previous track, stop and play.

I tried all keys in windows 10 first then tried on Pi4.

I’m sorry I don’t know anything about SSH.

Ok… then I need to think of way on how to debug this further.
That it works on Windows 10 does not make any difference, it’s matter of key mapping.

I’ll try to come up with something that logs any key being pressed; at least we can then confirm that the basic stuff is in place.


Appreciate it :slight_smile:

Hi all.
I would like to ask Harry to implement also generic IR remote into Ropieee.
It would be a big plus from my point of view to have generic remote working without screen and with a generic IR receiver.
I have just managed to set my ASUS remote, but the configuration (at least for GPIO pin and gpio-ir overlay) will be overwritten at first change.
What do you think about the possibility to choose the GPIO pin for ir sensor and to upload the lircrc file directly from web interface?
And to choose the IR remote besides OSMC or Flirc?
This feature is already implemented in Picoreplayer !