RoPieee and the Allo Usbridge


Some of you already have experienced that 2023.07 does not support the Allo Usbridge properly.
This is related to me updating the Linux kernel (“the beating hart”) to the latest LTS release, which does not support the chipset used by the Allo Usbridge in a proper way.

For people that aren’t experienced with Open Source and Linux specifically, I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible: the fact that this happened is a single responsibility of Allo. They deciced to use a chipset that was not properly (“upstream”) supported by the Linux kernel, and somewhat maintained a working driver themselves (“out-of-three”). That driver was included by my in the previous used kernel version.

That is no longer possible (driver is too much outdated), hence the situation.

For now it looks that Allo is not taking it’s responsibility. And although it is certainly not my responsibility, I feel for all those users of the Usbridge that used RoPieee over all those years and now all of a sudden are confronted with a not supported streaming platform.

So I’ve decided to maintain a release of RoPieee that is specifically built for the Usbridge (and contains the patched driver in a previous kernel version). You can find that build on RoPieee’s webpage over here

It does mean however that you need to reflash.

Hope this makes a few of you at least happy :wink:

Enjoy the weekend!


Harry, although I do not have that problem, I would like to thank your for taking this so seriously and making the extra effort to have a working solution for ALLO USBRIDGE useres!! I hope you will get some extra donations for your efforts! Best wishes Klaus - who tips his hat

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I really need to sell my USBBridge Signature. I took it out of my system a few weeks ago and it’s now just sitting there mocking me. This after fighting issues with their chipset and NAA (at DSD256) for a whole weekend.

You’re a saint for doing the extra build and keeping this device alive.

So that “special USBridgeversion” is NOT WORKING??

It is. But don’t expect miracles. Doing dsd256 is pushing it to the limits and over.

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I flashed the ’legacy’ version and it works without issue sending DSD256 to PSA Directstream

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Thank you @spockfish this is very much appreciated.

Since I had a USBridge sig sitting in a drawer, I thought I would give it a go with the new image. Using the dedicated USBridge image, I am getting DSD512 from PCM 44.1, 48, 96 and 192 to Holo Spring 3, so far without problems it seems - i.e. no clicks or cracking sounds that I can tell. I am using poly-sinc-gauss-xla and ASDM7EC-super 512+fs in HQP Embedded via a core i5 13500 (I think that is what it is, latest gen i5 bought Jan this year but you cannot overclock it). Thanks to @spockfish for going above and beyond in providing this image. Much appreciated - it seems to have given the old dog a new lease of life! Sounds really good to me, so I am giving this an extended trial. I have no idea if I am imagining it, but imaging seems a bit better than the raspberry pi 4 I have used for about 2 years - more separated and focused. Probably my imagination!

No idea why others are getting problems. To provide a point of comparison, the only other things I have done that I can think of that might affect the USBridge performance are that it is powered by an Sbooster and I am using optical network converters and fibre between the network switch and USBridge. Hope this is of some help.

Hi Harry,

Thank you for generously continued to support the Allo USBridge but can I ask if its days are numbered, is it just a matter of time before the USBridge will no longer function?

If you weren’t now making a special version would an older version of Ropieee continue to work if it was never updated with subsequent releases?

In August the USBridge had just been restocked by Audiophonics so I wrote to them about this issue and received this reply:

'Thanks a lot for this feedback.

I was totally unaware of that and yes Lan chip and USB controller are custom.

They still answer to us but we know that the COVID and the shortage of Raspberry has got an impact on them.

The closest product i can think of is here :

I stay at your disposal.

Best regards

David Aubert

The next thing I saw was that the USBridge had been ‘Discontinued’ on their site and everywhere else!

Many thanks for your tireless work Harry and for keeping our USBridge streamers working despite Allo’s screwup; Ropiee is such a brilliant product.
Every so often in a flurry of joy and appreciation I’m moved to send you a ‘contribution’ of gratitude, I hope that enough others are also moved to do the same!


Is this now the future of HiFi, in the blink of an eye, going from Rockstar product to Paperweight by being a hostage to smart Apps and software updates?

‘Just download the App’ is a mantra we hear all the time but whereas an ‘old school’ amp and speakers would still be working decades from purchase, many of todays products could well be obsolete in just a few years.
Kef’s LS60 Wireless speakers cost £4500, they are controlled by a smartphone app… but for how long?

Hi @Tom_Hudson

Right now I’ve got no plans to stop supporting the Usbridge. The work is done and the process of releasing an update is highly automated.

Only, and only then, if future development of RoPieee is being held up by the Usbridge (which I don’t see happening right now) I would consider ditching support for it.



Would’nt it be nice to have input from Allo? In this day and age collaberation is essential imo to keep a business running and spockfish demonstrates the best of the best.