Ropieee as airplay server

Is it possible for ropieeeXL to act as an AirPlay server so that it bridge music from roon server and stream to Homepod (AirPlay client)?


Unless I’m misunderstanding you… Roon can already stream to an Airplay client. So why do you need RoPieeeXL then?

What I want to do is to use iPad to control music playback and let music stream from pi (running ropieee) to Homepod.
I am not sure is this work or not.

Are you asking to use the Ropieee device independent of Roon? Because the way I understand it, Ropieee is an AirPlay client, not server.

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You can use your iPad to control what Roon plays (local music, Tidal, Qobuz, internet radio etc). Then Roon can send that music directly to the HomePod. I think we’re all a bit confused as to what exactly you’re trying to achieve :wink:

I see
I know what’s going on now as I got a HomePod to try in real.
Thanks all!