RoPieee Beginner’s Guide worked great, Thanks!

Just giving a shoot out and thumbs up to Nathan_Wilkes for the " [RoPieee Beginner’s Guide]". I am a novice as far as Raspberry Pi’s go. However, I have extensive Windows build/setup and a bit of Linux but not command line proficient.

The guide made it pretty darn easy. Am up as a ROON endpoint on a Pi4 connected via USB to a Khadas Tone Board DAC. Sounds pretty good. I have a Cambridge CXN (V2) and I have a difficult time identifying which one is better. This is good since the Khadas Tone board will be on a different system in the basement. But I have to tell you, as least from my perspective, CNX (V2) at $700 to $1100 vs Pi4 and Khadas Tone Board at $200. The Pi4 and DAC will be the way I will go from now on.

Also makes me wonder what other things these Raspberries can do. So maybe I will do a little research…


rooDial a Wireless Volume Knob for Roon with Microsoft Surface Dial can check out this too then