RoPieee Beginner's Guide [2020]

Two years ago I started the RoPieee Beginner’s Guide, with the hope that it would help people get started with RoPieee. In the time since then, RoPieee has continued to get better and better (thanks @spockfish), and the product has become more and more mature.

Based on some recent feedback, I have tried to improve the guide anew for 2020, hopefully making it more clear. I am asking RoPieee experts to read the guide [again] and offer feedback on how it can be improved, especially from the lens of the new user.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks Nathan. Great resource!

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Looks great Nathan

Only comment might be where you say point 4 to Enjoy latté, perhaps clarify with while waiting for the good stuff to complete :grin:

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John Darko just released a primer on streaming audio with the Raspberry pi. In it, he highlights RoPieee and shows how to flash a microSD.
Darko on YouTube

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On the third slide headed with “When not to select RoPieee” there is a sentence that includes “it may not a good fit for you:” I believe that there is a missing “be” which should be between the “not” and the “a”.

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Also on that slide there is a sentence that ends with “there are no commercial support mechanisms other than was is available through the Roon forum.” The “was” is probably supposed to be “what”.

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Thanks @Tim_Wilson!