RoPieee Beginner's Guide

Fantastic guide. I love this community.

I have a question about this statement:

“4g or 8g microSD card (avoid larger sizes).”

what is the issue with larger sizes?

Some people had issues with 32g sizes in the early days of the project. And, since RoPieee doesn’t need larger space to operate, why pay for a more costly card? I buy 4g cards for around $6CAD from (no affiliation).

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Uploaded a minor version upgrade, fixing a few typos and adding some information about doing port scans. Please let me know if there is anything unclear or if there is any additional information that would be helpful. Thanks.


Great work, thanks a lot!

Just a suggestion regarding the position of the SD card, maybe an additional picture might help.

Wow is a geek-in-training’s paradise! What a great site; thanks for the tip.


Thanks for a great document. I’m currently running my installation for the first time.

I’ve connected a FullHD screen to the RPi via HDMI so that I can see what is happening. Is that going to cause me any problems? If so, maybe a warning about doing this would be useful to include. If not, maybe something saying it’s okay to do would be good.

Figure there’s no point connecting a USB mouse and USB keyboard.

Also, when I tried to run Etcher and using the image saved on my NAS, it would error. When I moved the image file to the system drive of the machine it was running on, Etcher worked fine.

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Connecting the screen to HDMI will not give you problems, but you’re not gonna see anyhting.
RoPieee disables HDMI.

Etcher can be picky that it wants the image file to be on a local system.

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During the installation the screen showed what was going on. It does the same on startup. Once RoPieee is up and running it disables HDMI.

My RPi with HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro running RoPieee is sounding nice. Have two more RPi’s with different DACs coming.

An explanation of what the Audio USB tick box in the RoPieee settings does would have been useful.

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Thanks for your feedback. I updated the guide to indicate that hdmi output is disabled after RoPieee boots up, and added some language about the USB DAC choice.

@Nathan_Wilkes might be interesting to also have a known gotchas listed…things like known bugs and limitations.

Wifi passwords or was it SSID that have space in them is broken @spockfish maybe that is fixed?

Wifi connections could be flakey at higher bit rates depending on your signal strength etc…- I’ve found that 24/192 and above to be unstable. LAN rates even DSD512 are OK

LCD installations might require a better rated power supply if you see the lightning icon on the main screen.

I’m sure there are others that I cant recall right now…but great work so far Nathan :smiley:

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@wizardofoz, good idea. I do mention the power supply issue a few times, but not wifi/Ethernet/up-sampling issues.

@spockfish, what do you think? Do you have a top 5 “gotcha” list?

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Excellent idea, maybe we can add a simple FAQ.

Hi @Nathan_Wilkes,

This has turned into a very nice piece of work. Thanks for that!
Would you mind if I add a link to it from both the website and the webpage?



Hello Harry. Yes, feel free to link, of course.

Let me know what needs improving anytime.

Great guide. Starting my installation now. Hope I get everything to work. Used Volumio before but going for Roon instead now. I’m really happy to find Ropieee.

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Ok it’s on the website now, see the section ‘getting started’.



Just wanted to say thank you for this. I’m new to Roon, and I’ve got Ropieee set up in my main listening room. It sounds great! I ran into some issues installing it, but it looks like my initial SD card was no good. Using a new card fixed it.


Fabulous resource.
Thank you for putting it together.

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It has been awhile since I updated the RoPieee beginner’s guide. I have revised some of the screenshots, added the remote control config step, and made some (light) edits.

@spockfish, Harry – do you want any additional troubleshooting steps added?

Feedback on text improvements welcome, or better screenshots et cetera. Thanks.

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Awesome work @Nathan_Wilkes, highly appreciated!

Few remarks: next to the OSMC remote control we also support the now.
And it’s important to mention that people need to enable the extension in Roon to use the remote control.

The troubleshooting steps might be a neat idea. So what are you thinking about? A FAQ style kinda thing?