Ropieee cause mute on HDMI

So was using Ropieee on my Allo Katana. Had a problem with Cap and needed to swap MC board. Noticed popping sound switching from DOP to PCM was back. So switched back to Dietpi so I could figure out which filter to Use to get rid of it. Noticed Allo Katana was no longer muting itself. So left DietPi and return later once weather gets poor. So on weekend I connected my Allo DigiOne Sig on another input went for Ropieee to see what was changed. Seemed to hang booting as Ropieee.local wasn’t working downloaded latest image. Its coming LOL so I connected HDMI cable that was connected to Katana to DiGiOnE to watch boot up. Success both working in Roon. Now what is interesting is that I came home tonight and sure enough that input is muted. Then unmute within one hour again just mutes itself. Remember before connecting HDMI to this OS it had not occurred in sometime month or more. @spockfish
Same-thing happens with dietpi muting only when TV shuts off due to power management. Could a stray HDMI signal cause this? Once booted the pi with digione and ropieee doesn’t have video output. There a debug mode for this? Guessing a time it occurs would help?

AFAIK Ropieee kills HDMI at final throws of booting - its not used as an output device.

What @wizardofoz is correct. HDMI is disabled upon boot.

Yes but when connected via HDMI to my Marantz 7012 used as preamp only. running ropieee seems mute comes on sporadically. Happens over hours not minutes.
Switching to Dietpi same equipment does not have this behaviour. .
I can also just stick to Dietpi.

See if others might also have this Denon and Marantz have similar software.