Ropieee - Chromecast feature request


Is it possible for Ropieee to incorporate Chromecast? even if a small fee was involved.
So many apps now use Chromeast, it seems like a key missing feature.

I.e. Tidal, Qobuz, Youtube, etc.

Obviously this doesn’t support the cast button, but I was wondering if something might be possible for a small user fee?

Their is no official way to got full Chromecast capabilities without going through licensing and certification. All the hacks are rubbish and really don’t work well. Devices also have to be authenticated by Google and has its own token for them to work. As Ropieee is an OS not hardware I don’t think this easily possible.

Ok, so what does this look like? cost? etc? Ropieee is an appliance like solution.

@spockfish is Chromecast possible, or even on the dev horizon?

If it was you’d see it on dietpi, volumio, moode audio etc etc.

All of those distros mostly support the same stuff.

It is not. Google has not opened the Chromecast platform in any way and there isn’t an open source implementation of the protocol (receiver that is) like with Spotify/Librespot.

couldn’t the cast sdk receiver possibilities be a way to do it or can’t you get sound without the “TV”?