Ropieee + Dac compatibility?

Hi. I’m trying to set up (first time) a Pi solution for my office.
I have a USB Dac that works fine when connected to a win PC client.
I’ve installed RoPieee on an old Pi2B board.
Installation and configuration OK.
When on, i can see the Ropiee client via the PC client (Settings, About… there i can see the Core, the local PC and the Pi).
But when i connect the DAC to the Pi via USB, the DAC does not appear in the available Audio zones (not even in Settings/Audio).
So, as basically Roon is compatible with that DAC, i’m wondering if there are compatibility problems with the ropieee system.
Any suggestion? Maybe i could try another Pi OS compatible with roon?

Thanks for any hint.

Better post this query in the RoPieee section.

i thought it was the ropiee sections! @seagull hanks, i’ve changed the section

If your Ropieee Pi2B shows up under the Settings / Audio you should enable it there. That should be sufficient to have it available as Audio zone?

Ropiee was available under settings/about, but not (with DAC connected) under settings/audio.

anyway… i switched to DietPi, installed roon, and it works.
besides, i could install ZeroTierOne on the Pi, connect it to the roon core at home, and enjoy my music in the office using the Pi+Dac as audio device.
It works, but i have some problems with internet speed, i have to make some checks…