Ropieee DACs and 1.8

My Ropieee based streamers are not showing up in roon audio devices after 1.8 upgrade. I’ve upgraded both to the latest version of Ropieee offered by Harry. What’s up?

Look at the forum: you need to restart your Core.

The Roon team is looking into this: this is unrelated to RoPieee and happens to a lot of devices unfortunately.

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I also was experiencing this issue. I noticed that it only effected RPi’s that were using USB to connect to a DAC. Yesterday I disabled “Dynamic Audio Power Mngt” for USB. Since doing this I haven’t had a problem, though it’s a little early to be sure.

I have “Dynamic Audio Power Management” turned on for a Pi connected by USB to the DAC, and have had no issues after upgrading. So I don’t think that’s it.

No it is not. It’s related to an issue in Roon, see here: 1.8 Audio devices in Settings but not in Zone picker [Ticket In]

The reason that for @Thomas_Prossima1 it doesn’t happen that often anymore is the same: something goes wrong when the zone comes up in Roon (see above link), but with DAPM enabled the DAC powers down after a while and thus deregisters from Roon. And becomes active again when you start playing.

With DAPM enabled you just trigger the Roon issue more often, that’s all.

Upgraded to 1.8 on day one and everything was fine… woke up today and both my Home Office Ropieee and the actual Roon Core (usb attached DAC) zones were unavailable… I simply rebooted my Core and everything is working fine.

Got it. I didn’t intend to infer that the issue was caused by Ropieee, just that with this option turned off, I was able to get a work around until Roon Labs fixes this.

With DAPM on you potentially need to restart every time you start playing music (and the DAC powered down).

With DAPM disabled you potentially need to restart Roon server every time after you’ve turned the unit off.

That did the trick. Does anyone know if restarting the core is done at the end of the 1.8 upgrade process? Seems like it should to avoid these situations. But other users seem to be having more issues than me. :slight_smile: Everything seems to be working better today, but I haven’t put 1.8 through any real user interaction yet.