Ropieee - dealing with BlueOS zone grouping

Long time user of Ropieee as a “now playing” display, absolutely love it. However, I think a recent change in the way roon displays zones that are grouped at a BlueOS level has broken it for me.

So, I have two BlueOS devices, a NAD M10 (“Living Room” zone in roon) and a Pulse Mini 2i (“Kitchen” zone in roon). My Ropieee display is in the Kitchen. Generally, I have both of these zones grouped at the BlueOS level because roon grouping of BlueOS zones hasn’t been very reliable.

The problem is, roon detects that the zones are grouped at a BlueOS level and renames the audio device in roon as “Living Room+Kitchen”. Ropieee (configured to display “Kitchen” now playing) doesn’t like this. I also can’t specify the display zone in Ropieee as “Living Room+Kitchen” as it complains presumably about the “+” character.



Any chance of either making Ropieee deal with a “+” character in a zone name, or detecting when “Kitchen” zone is part of a group at a BlueOS level please? Cheers. Mark.


RoPieee should detect when it’s part of grouped zone: no need to change anything in RoPieee, as long as the configured zone is in the lead.

However… in the past this was being displayed like ‘Living Room + 1’, so I’m not sure if this actually broke it. I need to look into this.


Thanks Harry. Ropieee is working fine for me with normal (ie roon groups). It’s only when the BlueOS devices are grouped that I have a problem. roon detects the BlueOS grouping and renames the audio output to “Living Room+Kitchen”, but crucially roon treats it as a single audio device, not a group. You can see this reflected in the roon zone list…it doesn’t have a link icon next to “Living Room+Kitchen”. Make sense?


Yes. This makes sense. So it behaves differently… Can you send me feedback? You can find it on the advanced tab in the web interface.


Thanks for looking into this, Harry. b24616382a9c9356