RoPieee delay in playback [Resolved - Tidal buffering assumed]

Hi Harry

one thing I have started to notice that seems to have gotten worse is a bid delay in me starting music to my Ropppie endpoints compared to my existing squeezebox ones. When setting up a something new to listen it can take up to 10secs for anything to start to play on both my Ropieee systems which seems excessively long. If a pause and come back to the track after about 30secs there is also a delay in it restarting. I never get this longer a delay with my squeezebox radio or before when I was using PiCoreplayer instead of Ropieee. I have turned of all DSP stuff to see if that made a difference and its still taking a while and often starts, stops for a second then picks up properly.

Any ideas?

I Simon,

This is weird and is definitely not ok.
Honestly my first idea would be network related. Did you reboot both devices?
And what happens if you just use one device?


@Simon_Arnold3 is this playing tidal?

They reboot every night dont they? Saying that I have the same issue from a recent;y rebooted device. Will take one off the network and see what happens.

It has been mainly Tidal streams I have noticed it on but I think its happened on local files to, but that said it was not like this on PiCorePlayer. Will try out a few things and report back. It could be my network playing up. Will look to reboot everything and see.

yeah they reboot every night. strange.

on thing though: the next time you hear it could you please send me feedback? you can do that directly from the web page (‘feedback’ button at the bottom). maybe I can see something in the logs.


ok wil do that.

I’ve seen dhcp issues cause tidal streaming delays before

But i don’t get them on anything else or using the Tidal app on my phone, tablet or pc. I now Roon has a small delay to ensure devices sample rate switch ok and for synced playback but what I am getting is beyond this. It is intermittent too, so I need to work out if local streams account for this as I have albums locally that are older encodes at lower bitrates and then in Tidal too but Roon seems to play some from either.

Are you seeing similar delays for local music files or NAS ones if you have that option?

I typically see 7-10 secs for starting any tidal stream.

Also where are you located and what is your internet connection speed?

I’m in the UK with 200mb connection. I don’t have any local files to Roon all located on my nas which like the server is attached straight to the router. No speed issues with my NAS either. It’s only with switching to RAAT endpoints that this has manifest ed. Going to factory reset my router though and reset all my other network gear to see. But as video streams fine over the same network path with no issues and is way larger in bitrate I don’t think this will solve it.

If you get the same delay then it must be Tidals integration that’s causing it. Never had issues with streaming Tidal on Squeezebox like this. Must have some authentication thing going on that’s slowing it down.

Same and with a 100M connection I sometimes get those delays with my networked DAC too. So I don’t think it’s a Ropieee issue. Gapless playback always works flawlessly but manually changing Tidal tracks sometimes has these delays. Sometimes it’s 2 seconds for me, sometimes 10 seconds.

But definitely not limited to Ropieee endpoints.

Yes I get it on all my tidal connections…I think it’s a buffering thing with tidal…def not a ropieee only endpoint issue

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Ok that’s good to know it’s not just me. Must be Roon cores tidal integration then. I hope they can get some other streaming services online as I am frustrated with Tidal as it’s back catalogue is not that great for my tastes. Also I feel they won’t be around for that long.