RoPieee devices randomly rebooting

Hi @spockfish

I have several RoPieee Touch devices, set to never reboot. But they randomly reboot.

See attached.

3.02 stable. I only use stable versions.

And it is not rebooting at the time of 19:00 set, it is at seemingly random times. Even though reboot is set to Never.

Is this normal?

No that’s not normal.

So how many do you have and how many show this behaviour?
Is it possible that you switch one of them to the beta channel? I then get a little bit more info.


Currently 3 of them used and all 3 only for display.

I managed to get a photo of what the screen shows when this happens.

I’ll PM you.

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My Ropiee is randomly rebooting ever since I started using a different power supply. It works fine for days at a time, but unexpectedly reboots. Could the power supply be to blame?

Which model of raspberry? What are the specs of the power supply? Do you have any hdd usb connected to the rpi ? are they usb powered or do they have their own psu?