Ropieee DigiOne Endpoint Stopped Functioning (text duplicated under Support); Ropieee Identifier – 380fc445b48c2a15

Ropieee Identifier – 380fc445b48c2a15

My DigiOne endpoint → Yggy – MRX720 has stopped functioning. The endpoint is visible to Roon, but when selected and a track is queued, I get this message: “Starting playback on your Audio device. This may take a moment!” The message goes away, and then a few seconds later, Roon returns to a neutral state.

I would appreciate help in pinpointing the source of the problem, hopefully by just taking an informed view of my logs. FWIW, I have :reflashed the SD; replaced the DigiOne HAT; moved the RCA cables to different jacks on bother the Yggy and the MRX; replaced the RCA cable; and reinstalled and restarted the Core and Remote. All other endpoints work fine. The RPi may be fried, but it behaves normally and I don’t know how to detect aberrations.

I’m at wit’s end; pls help.