RoPieee endpoints disappear from Settings-->About screen in Roon (Build 913)

After upgrading Core and Endpoints to Build 913, I noticed that the RoPieee endpoints no longer appear on the Settings–>About screen in Roon. They do appear under Settings–>Audio as before. Is this change intentional?


I’m seeing the same thing. Core reboot didn’t help.

The same happened to me.

Same thing for me with ropieee and ropieexl

I’ve the same behaviour. Only the RoonBridges from the core system and a PicorePlayer installation is shown.

I don’t. Maybe you need to restart them.
Anyways, this is not a RoPieee thing, but more a Roon thing.

I presume you still can play audio to them?

Restarting the Ropiees doesn’t help and this issue has started with 1.8 913. Also other endpoints are not visible…

Audio plays fine and RoPieee Displays are working but they are not showing up in About section as Roon Bridges after 913 Build. They show up in Extensions Section, though.

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Same here. Latest Mac OS.

Same here but not on RoPieee but other distributions.

Sorry about this one guys. We’re looking into this and will report back. Can I please get confirmation that your endpoints are working fine, just not showing in Settings → About?


Confirmed on my side, so no rush.

That’s right! My two endpoints (RoPieee 2022.02.2 and MacOS) both work fine and show up in the Audio tab, but not in the Settings—>About screen.

+1, endpoint works and shows up in Audio settings, just not in Settings/About screen. It disappeared after I hit the relaunch to update link.

Roon seems to be having a bit of a rough time with updates since 88x. I’m sure it will all sort out.

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Yes, confirmed here too

Confirmed here too. My three RoPieee Displays running latest 2022.02 Build 70 are working fine just not showing up in About section.

One of my DietPi endpoints is not showing as well, but working as an endpoint.

Harry I’m also getting an error screen in one of my displays. Here is photo of the screen:

The error screen shows up every few mins during playback.

This started after the latest Roon update and after the bridges are gone from About section. Here is also the feedback:


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This is not a Ropieee issue. Roon is aware that many bridges are gone from the about screen.

Edited based on other user feedback.

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I agree, that this is a issue in Roon, but not all bridges have disapeared:

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