RoPieee - Feature requests

(Harry ten Berge) #81

grumpy old me :smiley:

(simon arnold) #82

Lol I have that one for my 2nd system. Yep you can see it flashing a little.

(KMP14) #83

I know this is on the roadmap, but just wanted to chime in that, for me, WiFi would take RoPieee over the top. I am only using it as a Now Playing display and control, so having to drag that eth cable into the mix significantly reduces the usuability for me. That being said, I do have a zone that uses Wifi and Roon works perfectly over Wifi (at least for me), so IMHO it would also be a slam dunk for those using RoPieee as an endpoint.

(Harry ten Berge) #84

Hi Kenneth,

Next release, expected very soon, is more of a maintenance release to fix a few issues.
The release after that will introduce wifi support.


(Sean) #85

Hey Harry! @spockfish

Things are generally quiet at the moment on here - probably because stability is fantastic and most of us are too busy enjoying Roon with RoPieee :slight_smile:

I’m just visiting my old man for the weekend and he said things have been wonderfully stable for him this past 2 weeks. That itself is music to my ears because it means less time I need to spend fixing things for him and less time bugging you ! :joy:

My biggest dream now is not your problem but I’m really waiting for an OFFICIAL Raspberry Pi 10-inch display. Whoa that would be cool. Until then, there is plenty to enjoy in the mean time :sunglasses: :notes:

(Harry ten Berge) #86

Yeah, although I have been busy. Besides that stupid website break down I’ve been working on a maintenance release that fixes a few things. Furthermore I’ve been in contact with Audiophonics to work on supporting there power switch for the raspberry pi and there dac.

(Sean) #87

Oh wow, lots of ‘behind the scenes’ stuff. Great work, as always.

(Tobias Klenk) #88

@spockfish: do you have a Roadmap for the upcoming features? Im kind of curious :slight_smile:

On my Wishlist is:

  • Volume control with the Display
  • Easier way to select the Zone to Control (i assume that it is only possible in the ropiee webconfig menu)

Thanks very much!

ps: wanted to donate something but the paypal process does not work properly. Will try it later on an other device.

(Tobias Klenk) #89

One more important feature request for Amplyfied Pi Hats: the initial volume is at 100%. That increadible loud. my iqaudio roon ready image uses 27%. Thats a good value. perhaps you could fix that cause the reboot resets the initial volume to the defaul 100%. thanks!

(simon arnold) #90
  • 1 for above, I also notice on my HifiBerry Amp+ that the control pretty much mutes the amp if set below 50. if using device volume. If I use DSP Volume its so low even on max its not worth using. So something is not mapping well from roon to the amps volume levels.


Here’s another Lithuanian asking if you would please include shairplay. I would be ready to abandon Moode completely if you could.

For example, I wanted to play It’s gonna rain by Steve Reich but it’s only on YouTube… so I’m playing it out my junky iPad speaker.

(simon arnold) #92

Hi @spockfish it’s all been quiet for a while just wondering what’s on for future dev? Is there any chance of getting Spotify connect using librespot or other option. I’m finding Tidal just comes short in its library and Spotifys playlists are so good for finding new music. I know your goal is for it to be a Roon endpoint but its a shame to limit it to just Roon as it does have its shortcomings at the moment, I’d like to stay using Roon and Ropiee rather than another distro as this has the best LCD integration by none and its o easy to setup and use but the lack being able to useSpotify or other streaming services is beginning to wear on me.


I managed to install shairplay, so far so good.

My memory is sketchy and I don’t know arch linux at all, but pretty sure I did the following. Sorry if I left out any steps.

pacman -S shairplay
pacman -S nano

to install both shairplay and nano

systemctl enable avahi-daemon (don’t know if this is necessary)
systemctl enable shairport-sync

then cd /etc
nano shairport-sync.conf

my hardware device is hw:1 (hifiberry digi+ pro hat) so in line 104, I changed
output_device = “default”; to output_device = “hw:1”
ctrl-x to write output to file and quit, hit yes.

now when nothing is playing on Roon, airplay works. when nothing is playing on airplay, I can play Roon.

(KMP14) #94

I may be misunderstanding this, but I am conused as to why requests for Spotify and the like are being made to be added to RoPieee. Seems like these requests should be requested of the Roon team, not RoPieee…??

(simon arnold) #95

Roon does not support Spotify and more than likely never will as they insist you have to use there app so no intergration like tidal and this is not what Roon is about. Most Pi OS out there have the ability to use Spotify connect using Librespot to announce the machine as a Spotify connect device that you can play music to from their application. This would fall under including in Ropieee as the code would need to be built for it as Ropieee is not using debian like most pi operating systems. Same goes for shairplay. These allow the unit to be used as Roon endpoint, Spotify player or Airplay receiver giving it all more flexibility and filling the gaps left by Roon itself. Spotify might be looked down upon by some but its library and finding new music and radio featires are second to none.

(simon arnold) #96

I am trying out dietpi on one system to allow me to use Spotify and using the roon-web-extension to run the UI in Chromium fro now playing and control but its not as nice as Ropiees implementation of the LCD.

(KMP14) #97

Makes sense, although I would still argue that adding external streaming services and other stuff is not what @spockfish goal is with RoPieee.

(simon arnold) #98

probably not but its worth a punt as a sponsor.


Having spotify in Roon isn’t anything that the author of RoPieee can do. It’s barking up the wrong tree.

You could, on the other hand, ask the folks who make Roon, to include Spotify. That’s much more sensible.

(simon arnold) #100

I think you misunderstand what I am asking. I am not asking for Spotify as that wont happen until Spotify chnage their policy of allowing other interfaces to search and control playback or Rioon back down on the way they want to use Streaming services. I am asking to include Spotify connect ability which is ability to stream from spotifiys own app to a device. There is open souce code called librepsot on linux platfroms that does this. .Even Microrendu use this in their products to allow users Spoitify usage on their device and is now pretty much available for all linux distro.