Ropieee + Flirc + Harmony: How does it work?

I recently put together a Roon endpoint using a Raspberry Pi 4 and Ropieee operating system.

I bought a Flirc dongle with the intention of using it with my Harmony remote. I even read in one thread that this would be “plug and play.”

I plugged, but it did not play (or stop, or skip…). Ropieee recognizes the dongle, but I can’t get the Harmony remote to work with it.

Can someone who does have this working kindly share how you have things configured?

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Not using it with a harmony, but did you first set up the flirc via its accompanying setup program?
Also see the ropieee-guide-for-beginners, as in following screenshot …

@Marin_Weigel : Thanks for chiming in.

I ran the program to set up the Flirc on my computer, and the remote works on my computer.

But if I transfer the Flirc dongle to the Pi, the remote doesn’t do anything.

Added: These things are set up properly so far as I know.


I’m out of ideas @Trent_Reynolds
Let me move the topic to the appropriate Ropieee category and ping Harry, the developer (@spockfish), while you click the feedback button in the Ropieee web interface’s Advanced tab and then post the identifier for him to correlate.

Just to be sure, the entry in the field “Roon Control Zone” in the Remote setup section of RoPieee needs to match the name of the playback zone in Roon as specified in Roon Settings > Audio.
Judging from the Screenshot the specified name corresponds to the hostname of the RoPieee device - this might be same name you’re using for the playback zone, but doesn’t have to be.

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@Roland_von_Unruh Confirmed. Everything works as it should except the remote.


@Marin_Weigel Thank you and sorry if it’s the wrong category. I took my best guess.

My identifier is 4648cfe46cb63eba.

Hey, no need to apologize, we‘re here to help each other …