RoPieee + HyperPixel 4.0 - Pimoroni Hi-Res Display for Raspberry Pi

Is there any way to install the drivers for other display than the original Rpi Touch Display?
Something like Pimoroni H-Res? If so, how can I do that?

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You can’t do that. RoPieee only supports the Rpi Touch Display.


OK. Thank you for your answer.

In case anyone is taking notes, it would be amazing to be able to use something like the Pimoroni 4" square display ( as an album art display; eg, just showing the album art of the currently playing track. That would be a killer feature :smiley:


I’ve just ordered one of the square non-touch displays to have a go at doing an album art only display. Andre has done it via Sonos API here
Has anyone had any luck with RoPiee or directly as a Roon display?

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Ooooh, i was not aware of Ropiee. I need to check that !

Ropieee supports the official RPi 7" touchscreen, but I think that’s all

Keen as mustard to hear about your results!

Should be doable by using Raspbian and then pointing its browser to Roons display web address and editing the .html files in C:\Users\your_user_namel\AppData\Local\Roon\Application\xxxxxxxxx\webroot (Windows here…don’t know for other systems) to only display the cover i.e.

I did something with pi4 (raspbian), hyperpixel display and roon display on firefox in kiosk mode.

My display hasn’t arrived yet, but this from @ Catalin_Mustata looks like a good place to start for album art only on the square display.