RoPieee + I2S GPIO Native DSD output setup

Hi there,
I have problem in setup my RoPieee for native DSD output. The hardware configuration is as follow:
Pi4 GPIO I2S >> Ian FIFO Pi >> Soekris dam1021 I2S input

The software side, I use Ropieee on Pi4, in Roon audio setup, I saw it is ALSA, in “Device Setup”, it shows snd_rpi_rpi_dac, I can choose a DAC manually. However, no matter which DAC I chose, the “DSD Playback Strategy” are always:
-Convert to PCM
-DSD over PCM
-Initial dCS method

I saw in other forum discussion that it is possible to show “Native DSD” option in the “DSD Playback Strategy” menu. I wonder how can I setup my Ropieee / Roon to make it works.


My setting screen

and the audio setup screen in Roon

Have you found any solution for this?

I think there is no solution? @spockfish

I have the same question now - is there a solution that Roon is not converting the DSD stream to PCM?