RoPieee is not enough by itself

Hi All, so I installed RoPieee on my Raspberry pi 3, but it does not work for my application. This installed a thin client that has the Roon endpoint on it, and I can see it when I have Ethernet connected to the raspberry, but in my application i can’t have Ethernet at that location. What would work is Raspberry pi connected via wifi, the hifiberry dac standard enabled, and roon endpoint. Is there a way to have these 3 items on?

my friend…put a little effort in and you can turn WiFi on.

@spockfish Harry what happened to @Nathan_Wilkes how to linked reference?

So when I ran RoPiee software, the thin client does not give me a Raspberry UI. The client runs, then it goes to a black screen. So I have no way to enable wifi with just the Ropiee software. When it’s connected to the Ethernet, I can see the Roon endpoint in my Roon application.

Go to the web address in a browser

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Hello @Carlos_Austin. You may find this guide helpful?

Thanks Nathan, couldn’t put my finger on it

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Awesome, thanks Gents.

Caution WiFi might not run so well at higher audio bitrates. I find 24/96 about the reliable max for a RPi 3, but a 4 might be ok at 24/192 if you have reliable signals and 5GHz

I guess it depends on your WiFi network, but I was sending DSD128 via (Roon sample rate conversion) WiFi to a RPi 3A+ running RoPieee with no issues.

I have no problems with 192/24 using a RPi 4 over WIFI. That’s with a really stable internet signal.

What do you mean exactly?

Well, thanks for all the info gents. I am now able to see the RoPieee in my wifi network, and on the roon UI. Right now I am not getting volume out to my outside speakers, so working on that. The Raspberri pi is connected to my denon heos amp via rca’s, and that connects to my outdoor speakers. I get a volume control is fixed message.

What device are you using to control the volume? That’s the device that should be set up in Roon Audio with volume control. If you don’t have a device with variable volume, you would need to use DSP (lower right corner of screen, speaker ICON).

Thanks Jim, I do have DSP selected now, and I can adjust the volume now, just no audio output yet.

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Try playing a 44.1/16 and see if that works.

Ok, thanks for all the help guys, I was able to play the raspberry pi in a different system, just now have to figure our why not on the outdoor system. Certainly appreciated all of the info!

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So problem fixed guys. I can set the setting to 192 and it works fine. And it is working better than the Heos app streaming tidal through it. I hate to say, but the issue I was having not getting audio out was because on the heos amp, you have to go and select line in from the app, duh. With that said, I really appreciate all the help getting this set up, it was actually easy when you have all the resources, and a bunch of guys willing to help out a newbie. Thanks!!

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I looked on every page and couldn’t find a link to Nathans guide…?


That’s weird, it’s gone. I’ve upgraded my web template engine, so that might be it.
But thanks for the warning, I fixed it already.