RoPieee issues -- can't get to GUI

I just got a RPi4B. I can get it to work just fine running Raspberry Pi OS. But I have been unable to get it to run RoPieee. I’ve tried both plain and XL; I’ve tried using two different microSD cards. The install process runs through all the non-GUI steps, says it is starting Roon bridge, shows the message “We’re ready. RoPiee is RUNNING …”

and then nothing. Screen goes black, no response to keyboard or mouse. The green LED flashes once every second or so. No GUI. No nothing.

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Or maybe a workaround that doesn’t involve RoPieee?

Thanks in advance.

Hi John, I’m no Ropieee expert, but there is no local GUI.
It’s all done on the web configuration page, which is where you may be getting confused.

I have always set mine up on Ethernet, it will then show up in Roon under Settings->Audio and that will give you the IP address.
Just put that into your web browser and then you will be able to configure everything you need.

There is an excellent getting started manual that would be really helpful to you. Do a search for it on the site here or on Google and it will walk you through the whole process.

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Just had a quick Google for you and this is what you want

There is Also the main web page for getting started with Ropieee at RoPieee | Getting Started

From that page I found the following:
You can also visit the web page of the RoPieee to configure some items if necessary. For that you need to either know what the IP address is of your RoPieee or you can visit http://ropieee.local (or http://ropieeexl.local for RoPieeeXL)


Thanks for responding so quickly. I feel pretty stupid missing the part of the manual where it says you have to configure it through a browser (on another device on the network, of course).

Now the IP address for the RPi shows up on my router. Great! Except… None of my browsers on multiple computers will connect to it, and it doesn’t show up in Roon.

So close, and yet so far…

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Hey we all been here before.
You can delete the thread and no one will know besides you and I.
I have done enough stupid things in my life that I’m not going to tell anyone else.

Good luck and enjoy learning more


Do you have it plugged into ethernet for the initial setup?

I really appreciate everyone jumping in to help me resolve this.

The good news: on Ethernet, it now shows up in Roon (and on the device list of my router) and can be used to play back music.

The bad news: I cannot bring the RPi up in a browser to enable WiFi, which is necessary for the location where I want to use it.

Maybe you don’t have it setup completely correct. Go through each of the settings and make sure they are correct while connected by ethernet. Then, when you unplug the ethernet connection, reboot, and connect with WIFI, go into your router setup and find the correct IP address.

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At this point I am at my Ropieee limit and will leave you in the capable and helpful hand’s of @Jim_F while I go to bed

Thanks again, Michael.

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Again, thanks for helping.

If I can’t access RoPieee through my browser, how do I get to the settings?

I now have my RPi connected to my LAN via a range extender. It works fine in Roon (yea!) but I would prefer to be able to access the device to eliminate the need for the range extender, update, etc.

I’m not totally understanding, so we’ll need to wait for Harry. With your RPi4 plugged into your router or switch with an ethernet cable, you should be able to open your router or use the Fing app on an iDevice and find your RPi4 and see the correct IP address. Then type that address into your browser and go to this screen…Then, make sure the hostname is correct and WIFI settings are correct, etc. After that, save your settings, exit RoPieee, unplug the ethernet, and reboot your RPi4. Also, make sure everything is on the same network subnet and frequency, 2.4 or 5.

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More progress here – the RoPiee finally showed up in my browser, and at last I got to this screen. So I configured my WiFi, pressed the “configure” button … and it has been been telling me to “be patient” for more than half an hour. And it no longer appears as a device in Roon.

That doesn’t seem normal to me.

Once RoPieee is finished doing it’s thing, go to Roon - Settings - Audio and see if it’s there. I don’t remember if it needs to be set up again or not.

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I now have a fully functional, WiFi-connected RaspberryPi running RoPieee.

Thank you so much for holding my hand through the process.


That’s great. I’ve had good success with both ethernet and WIFI connected RPi4’s running RoPieeeXL.


Something to bear in mind is that the IP address will most likely be different over Wi-Fi than it was over ethernet. Even if you used an IP address reservation as the ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces have separate MAC addresses.

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So I’ve been using Ropieee for a while successfully on a Pi2AES and a couple Pi4’s, and I’m stuck in basically the same situation as the OP on the Pi3A+‘s that I’ve been able to purchase recently.

I have a USB Ethernet adapter I’m using to plug into the Pi3A+. The screen I’ve attached shows that it gets CONNECTED, gets an NTP update, says it’s RUNNING!. Then I can see it has an assigned ip address (, part of my assigned range). But when I put that address in a browser, I get the proverbial “that site can’t be reached”. I believe that’s a different error than when I put in an ip address that isn’t assigned to any machine on my subnet. And I have several other Ropieee on other machines on my subnet that come up fine.

EDIT: I should mention I’ve tried from 3 computers and 2 phones, same error - so I don’t think it’s a browser cache issue. A ping comes back just fine - I ping and I get a 5ms response from ropieeexl.localdomain.

EDIT2: actually my computer gets a different error: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. No reason on my network - no firewalls, computer accesses other Ropieee on the network just fine.

EDIT3: unsurprisingly, the devices tab on other Ropieee in my network do not show any devices at

Any help would be appreciated.

Ugh - I managed to get one of my two Pi3A+'s to become a Ropieee - it’s these stupid Ethernet adapters. I got one to be powered and recognized one time. Just long enough for me to get to configuration. Can’t get the other Pi to get a connection with the Ethernet dongle.