RoPieee LCD Beta stuff - tell it like it is


Thanks so much! I just made a donation to you. If this works for me, I’ll be sending more. Seems like there is a ton of potential in this Pi app.

The zone thing wasn’t obvious to me, maybe something to emphasize in the instructions?

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(Mr Fix It ) #383

I’m seeing something odd @spockfish in the web pages when I click on Network tab the Display Tab pops up even when there is no display connected…didn’t notice this is earlier versions.

Going from General to Advanced or Information tabs it doesn’t show up. Just when Network tab is selected.

Same for 4 different RPi’s all with no displays all running the 061 versions. If you want a feedback on one of them just let me know. These are all units that have been online upgraded or possibly updated with /opt/RoPieee/sbin/run-updates

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(Harry ten Berge) #384


Highly appreciated!

Yeah, this zone thing happens quite a lot. Ideally it can be removed from the web page because you can select the zone directly on the display. At least that’s my idea :wink:

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(Harry ten Berge) #385

Well spotted!

No feedback necessary, I’ve got the same. And I already fixed it, so with the next update this will be gone.


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(Mr Fix It ) #386

What would be handy is a button based update now as I have several pi’s that don’t get plugged in for weeks on end and when i plug them in want them to update immediately without having to get into SSH and force it :stuck_out_tongue:

(Harry ten Berge) #387

You don’t need to do that. If you put ‘update’ to manual, and you will go into the web page, a button with ‘update now’ appears if an update is available.

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(Nathan Wilkes) #388

Harry, I agree that it would be ideal to be able to select an available zone from a drop down or simple list. This would obviate the need to match the exact name etc which inevitably catches a few people upon setup.

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May have been asked - apologies if it has (searching forum on phone is a bit of a challenge) - is there any way in the display to change the display to the clock on demand (rather than waiting for it to appear as a screen saver)?

(Mr Fix It ) #390

Maybe it could be done as a hot spot on the time in the display which would also need to be added someplace if that’s doable.

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Nice. Didn’t think of that - having the time displayed during playback and then use that as a hotspot.

(Harry ten Berge) #392

So… you want to be able to view the clock while playing? Is that the use case?


For me it was more a way of getting to the screensaver clock. I’ve got it on my bedside and now use the clock as my clock at night. The time while playing was more a case of something to tap on to get to the clock without having to wait for it to appear.

(Jeff Botts) #394

Which case is working the best with a RoPieee R Pi and a HAT? I’m using the Allo BOSS DAC.


I ended up ordering this bamboo case. Looks interesting and you can install it without a casing on Pi and HAT.


You’re probably going to have to get a case that has an open back. The official case has a removable back panel which you’d have to do - the screen has a controller board so with the Pi mounted it’s already 2 up. Add a hat and you won’t fit it in. I’ve also bought a bamboo case that arrives tomorrow.

Case I have at the moment (with removable cover)

Case I’m getting

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(Jeff Botts) #396

The LCD is a nice addition to the RoPieee. Very impressed with such a high quality solution for not much money. Subed and donated.

Are there plans to expand the functionality of the touchscreen? Like browsing your music library from the touchscreen?

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(Harry ten Berge) #397

Hi @Jeff_Botts,

Yeah there are (more than enough) plans. Time is limited though :wink:
First thing on the list for the screen is functionality to select the zone from the screen.
Right now it’s not very user friendly to have to set the zone name in the web ui, so this has a rather high prio.


(Tobias Klenk) #398

Hey, today the Play / Pause Button die Not Update. Senf you Feedback Wirth Code: d497b365d544ea54
Should Show Pause cause Music was playing. Thanks!

(Harry ten Berge) #399

Hmmm… looking at your log file: did you had your zone combined with another one?

(Tobias Klenk) #400

No not in that case. I checked that before sending the report. Most of the time the Zone is grouped and my wife doesnt power up the second DAC+AMP. But not in that case.

(Tobias Klenk) #401

Is there somewhere a discription what the not so obvious buttons like the small radio ans so on do? Thanks!