RoPieee LCD Features Request (Past and Present)- No promises :-)

Yes! Exactly! I’m in contact with a few developers that can help out with the logo.

Oh crap. I didn’t realise the scrolling speed has been slowed down already. Perfect Harry ! You kept that quiet :wink:

Sorry, no subtitles … starting at 3:30 … :grinning:


Yeah. This is sooooo funny. At least I think so :slight_smile:

Hi Harry,
Would it be possible to add volume control on the touch screen?
I see a volume slider is already mentioned in the first post, but I don’t want to clutter the display.
Just swiping up/down to increase/decrease volume …

Add the library search features that are in this Roon Extension: Roon Web Controller v1.2.0 been trying it and its really useful.

Another useful option would be to force the screen saver. My unit is all on same stand as TV so when we switch to watch TV you get the distracting ropieee screen for 10 mins. Be great to just be able to turn it to screensaver instantly with a touch of the screen or button.

Interesting on one of LCD units in getting intermittent flashing of image border and play circle and play bar

Plus getting missing artwork too still

Ya I noted the same a week or two ago.

Reboot fixed it no issues…i probably should have pressed feedback before I did that but will do so if I see it again.

I didn’t happen to check the other LCD displaying the same stuff when it was missing artwork, but it wasn’t flashing tho I did check for that

But I just checked now and one has artwork and the other doesn’t where the track before both had

Oh and update the same situation for the next track that started playing on the playlist too

I did restart of that extension on the web interface…still no artwork… so I did a reboot of the pi and that got things back in shape…ill monitor for issues

Yeh exact same thing I’ve noted also these past couple of weeks.

Fortunately Harry has seen this issue at his end too, so he knows I haven’t been imagining things these past couple of weeks.

And since you have the same, it adds another valuable data point (although we’d all prefer to not have this issue at all of course).

OK glad its happening to others and Harry has seen it. I won’t worry too much about other that to make mental note of it being addressed and seeing if its spotted again after the fix

That’s the hard part. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that it’s hard to see what pattern of events causes the issue. Sometimes it’s after 20 minutes, sometimes after 2 hours.

So it’s been tough for both Harry and myself to reproduce it.

If you notice any patterns that triggers it, do share. I’ve been struggling.

@dabassgoesboomboom and @wizardofoz,

could you still send me your RoPieee feedback? Then I can compare stuff and see if there are any differences.

Question: both of you are running on a Pi3?


Yep and Pi3 for me and both of dad’s also. I’ll hit the feedback button as soon as I see it come up again and tell dad to do the same, and let you know.

@spockfish is the feedback any use after it has been rebooted?

I have a rpi3 and have never had this yet. Maybe I dont leave it running for long enough.

yeah it might be.

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Just hit the feedback button Harry for black artwork on my old man’s Pi. eb20b7153d20df67

Interesting I heard pops and crackles as I hit the button (native DSD256 to the iDAC2). So I hit the feedback button again to make sure I wasn’t hearing things. Again pops and crackles. So I did it again lol and again pops and crackles.

It self corrected the next track (differenr album) so I went backwards to the problem track and now the artwork showed properly. I hit the feedback button again here 42d377e47caab610

Problem track is Quin - Sticky Situation

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Would it be possible to add the Ropiee ip address to the settings screen on the LCD?