RoPieee LCD Features Request (Past and Present)- No promises :-)

I’ll kick the whole thing off with one or 5 that comes that comes to mind. Some have been requested in the past but lets try to consolidate here.

If you requested something in the past please repost it here.

To display (all optionally)

The Zone playing, final bit rate, plus the source (Local / Tidal) maybe below the playing position bar?

Sleep Clock display - AKA SqueezeBox displays…or iCorePlayer/

Volume slider.

Scrolling text when its too long to display.


Maybe add ‘Long term feature requests’ to the title. Otherwise it can all be a little too demanding on the poor guy lol

My long term dreams

  • An optional view for maximum size cover art (top to bottom) on the left. But instead of a black background to the right of the album cover, have the covert art background theme like Roon does, in Full Screen, as background.

Like this:

REALLY long term (can’t be done at the moment because I think it needs Roon’s API to develop further to provide the required track info (waveform data?)) - VU meter screen :heart_eyes: @brian

The only item in your list that would be essential for me is to have scrolling text; everything else is optional (no “perhaps” about it).

I prefer a minimalist approach to information overload, and I certainly prefer a blank screen when in sleep mode rather than having yet another digital clock winking at me.

The one additional request I have is something that I’ve mentioned before: slim the icons down a tad, and put a thin circle around the play/pause icon so that they match the Roon icons (giving a consistent house style)

OK already :grimacing:

Auto reboot / update optional disable to remain on stable versions or not update to newer features

I would also love to see loop and shuffle mode selectors please and volume slider. Screensavers clock mode needs to be optional I like it blank myself when it’s not in use.

Change the default rotate screen setting to rotated…most screen cases have the connectors on the rpi coming out the top and will be upside with the current default setting.

Also some extra notes in the ropieee website that if you change the host name then the web page access needs to change accordingly too. Basic non lcd issue too

And that FING is a good app to use to find IP addresses from iOS or android devices if all else fails. Basic non lcd issue too

Also that there is a hidden settings button needs to be noted somewhere in the LCD specific docs

Slightly smaller font for the web page admin heading so that it stays on one line…takes up 1/2 of the screen on my ipad

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Various V/U meters.

Hi Harry,
The introduction thread is closed so I’ll use this one.
You promised to explain the RoPieee name.
I’ll start guessing: Roon Pie easy endpoint, Roon Pie endpoint for everyone, …?

Now that we have scrolling text working fantastically and stable, can we get bigger text size for album title and artist - same size as the current song title text at the top, should be enough. Helps to read everything from across the room (maybe slower scrolling speed though).

Hi Wim,

Yeah sorry I forgot. Anyhow, it’s certainly not what you thought :wink:

So here we go. I started with ‘RoonPi’, which seamed rather obvious. However, that’s not an option because of the brand name. Then it quickly became RoPi, but that wasn’t it for some reason I still don’t fully understand myself :wink:

At that time there was a show on Dutch television about a famous Dutch stand up comedian (he died a long time ago) that had a scene about weird, non-existing birds. One of them made a sound that can be described as ‘ropieeee, ropieee’ and that’s that.

I’ve to admit that at that time I had a few drinks, but I registered the domain name and now there’s no turning back. I don’t want to either :slight_smile:


Now you need a whacky looking bird logo and a boot up sound that give the name away played on all outputs hahahaha


Yes! Exactly! I’m in contact with a few developers that can help out with the logo.

Oh crap. I didn’t realise the scrolling speed has been slowed down already. Perfect Harry ! You kept that quiet :wink:

Sorry, no subtitles … starting at 3:30 … :grinning:


Yeah. This is sooooo funny. At least I think so :slight_smile:

Hi Harry,
Would it be possible to add volume control on the touch screen?
I see a volume slider is already mentioned in the first post, but I don’t want to clutter the display.
Just swiping up/down to increase/decrease volume …

Add the library search features that are in this Roon Extension: Roon Web Controller v1.2.0 been trying it and its really useful.

Another useful option would be to force the screen saver. My unit is all on same stand as TV so when we switch to watch TV you get the distracting ropieee screen for 10 mins. Be great to just be able to turn it to screensaver instantly with a touch of the screen or button.

Interesting on one of LCD units in getting intermittent flashing of image border and play circle and play bar

Plus getting missing artwork too still