Ropieee on RP3 refuses connection (older firmware)

Hi Harry,

curious problem. I see the device (Display) in the device list when I am in one of my other Ropieee devices with 3.094 see image.

If I now click on the ip address or display name, my browser tells me connection is refused. All others are accessible without issues. I wanted to update the firmware. but there is no way to acces the board. I see the board with name IP and all when I “Fing” it. I can also ping it

oh, yes and it works flawlessly also with the remote control.

It is built in a chassis so hard to get to the SD card (I know, I can install it again) so wanted to see if there is a solution before I start unscrewing everything


I’m afraid reflashing is your only option.
But I also am a fan of the “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it”.
So if everything is working according to plan and you’re not missing functionality that has been released in later versions… :wink:

Regards Harry

Thanks for confirmation Harry. And you are right of course. I can listen music and I am not missing any functionality at this point :wink:

I will wait till next occasion the Streamer “must be opened” for other stuff and re-flash it!


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