Ropieee PI4 upgrade to Allo DigiOne Sig: Issues

Hi all,
Thanks for this fantastic community forum, thanks for the fantastic ropieee image, on top of the even more fantastic Roon experience. Still impressed after months of usage.

I used RPI4 with ropieee (tried volumio just for fun, turns out to be no fun at all :wink: ), with USB dacs, with HifiBerry HAT, with Audiophonics HAT. All without issue. All sounding good. All was able to max out at DAC max PCM (in case of USBdac it is 32/7xx).

Now with the Allo DigiOne Signature, sound is good, no issue setting up (or configuring existing) ropieee to allo HAT instead of USB Audio.

Thing is it won’t play at 24/192, of which I have a lot of content. 24/96 is no problem, everything lower is no problem. Roon shows it is playing, but there is no sound. Changing back to 24/96 content: one time it played (after some time), two times I had to reboot the RPI.

Who can help me why this is (not) happening at 24/192? Is there some kind of logs out of ropieee? It could as well be a defective Allo, but before complaining there, I would assure there is nothing wrong with the ropieee setup.

Thank you very much!

I have not used the Allo DigiOne Sig, however, I have used teh Allo DigiOne with dietpi and it was rock solid, including 24/192 rates.

What power supplies are you using?

What DAC are you using?

Do you have an extra coax cable you can swap-in?

When playing 24/192 is it just no sound (continues to play)? or does Roon stop playback after some time?


I just hear for the first time 25/192.

Everything including core got accidentally power cycled, and I changed the audioquest I think it’s called forest coax cable by another exact same type. On the chord’s second dac input.

That answers all you questions!
Thanks for the cable tip!

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