Ropieee plays sound but no artwork on touchscreen

Ropieee reference f0102f9d32fd7607 (from send feedback link in Ropieee)
Hoping someone can help. I have a Pi4b 8gb with the latest Ropieee image 2022.11.2 (0663). The device has two audio outs USB to an external DAC and Hifiberry Digi2 Pro using SpDif to feed Dali active speakers. Roon sees both endpoints and can play music perfectly through both independently. My problem is the touchscreen. It refuses to display anything other than the clock or the error message connection error. Is “roon running” and is the “roon remote extension enabled”. Despite playing music (and recognizing the two endpoints) Roon doesnt load any extension from the Pi which I assume is why the Touchscreen says connection error.

I’ve tried rebuilding several times. I’ve set static IPs. Changed the Endpoint names to match host, display and roon remote. With multiple reboots of the core and Ropiee. Googling it seems it could be a network error about the Core timing out when finding devices but I can t see why it will always find the endpoints and never load a remote (display) extension. Nothing works. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Based on what? Does the extension not pop up in Roon’s extension settings?

Said differently, you have to enable the display extension in Roon, and the error message clearly states that it doesn’t seem to be running so there is nothing to connect to. Is it simply not there in your Roon settings?

Nathan/Harry please see screen garbs of ropieee and Roon to answer your questions. The Ropiee zones are connected. There are no extensions seen by Roon to enable.

![Ropieee Information|690x485](upload://v1EedF1plJX3dHoUgaxtd88M1gJ.png) ![Ropieee Remote Settings|690x382](upload://lZKkjFM5M8U5RNJEEdTjgd4N3Qx.png) ![Ropiee Display Settings|631x499](upload://o4HZXDGAAI0DR9mB3iPQcSaVI6g.png) ![Ropieee General Settings|690x404](upload://y12Jfvxu4JDuaDIUiyb9Cbjz57t.png)

The Ropieee screen grabs didnt seem to upload so reattached

The roon extension screen garbs also seemed to fail so here they are resent