Ropieee pops and clicks

Nope, you said it didn’t work and only asked for instructions on how to deinstall. At no point did you ask for help with your issue.
That’s why I moved your post from support to the audio talk area.

The fact is that there is no answer to the pops and clicks in my case . I appreciate the fact that you invest time in Ropieee but in my case I had no pops and clicks with the dietpi system and after installing ropieee I could no longer listen to music .

I guess that you are entitled to you own facts

There are users who make me feel thankful for the forum’s Mute/Ignore feature…


I am going to close this thread for now as the op appears to have found his solution by moving away from Ropieee.
There is no point or need for further discussion on this I believe.