Ropieee pops and clicks

I want to uninstall ropieee. It’s has so much noise .how can I uninstall that from allo ussigniture

You’ll need to re-flash the SD card. However, it is unlikely that Ropieee is the cause of the clicks and pops.

Exactly what model Allo are you using? How is the Raspberry Pi connected to your network? And, what sources cause the clicks and pops?

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I installed the ropieee on allo usbridge signiture I am connected to the internet with cat 8 to a 1 gig fios . I had the original dietpi on a seperate card and I wonder how can I reinstall it . I had no noise before with the original pi from allo

Maybe replace cat 8 with cat 6.

What @Jim_F says.

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If you still have the previous SD card, you should be able to shut down Ropieee, switchover the SD cards, and then boot the old card.

how do you boot the old card

Insert card, plug in RPi.

i did but than nothing happened

Once reopieee is shut down suggest you :
Disconnect the power.
Switch the cards
Reconnect the power

It will then boot from the old card

i tried but it does not

In which case you’ll probably need to reflash, very hard to diagnose a boot not working.

thx i ll try

Ropieee absolutely destroyed my ability to listen through the usbridge signiture . I am trying to get help from allo but it looks like they no longer support the product . Jestin is no longer there . Ropieee worth what you pay for it

Which was how much? Please don’t show such lack of respect for this fantastic software, which is offered to this community for free, by @spockfish.

Ropieee does work with the Allo USBridge [Signature]… search the forum. If you have a problem, open a thread, and state what DAC is connected. That, or you have incorrectly configured Ropieee, are most likely where the issue lies.


I did open a thread and we I found out is that I am not the only one who has a problem . The ropieee is configured correctly. If you have some constructive advice of how to uninstall the ropieee it would be much appreciated

Please go to another section on this forum. It’s clear you don’t want support.


absolutley not . After a careful review the conclusion is that pops and clicks can not be eliminated and ropieee should be replaced with dietpi . I got no real help from the site and I was really disappointed by the response that I got . Spockfish had no interest to help and was affended by minimal criticizem.

Not so careful …

Release RoPieee 2022.06.3 - #16 by Kevin_Kennedy?

… and you are using a very inappropriate communication style …

I was certainly not offended. Not going to waste my energy on that :wink:

I was annoyed by your total lack of communication skills: no respect whatsoever that RoPieee is being build in my spare time, no consideration of what ‘asking nicely’ means.

I’m glad you switched to another solution.