RoPieee quiter with silent DC supply for Raspi4

I’m using ROPIEEE-XL on a Raspi4 with DAC PRO HAT which is a bit noisy, wondered if a silent power supply would help (better than the original Raspi 5V/3A AC adapter)? Any experience here with that?

I have a couple of iFi iPower supplies for my Pi’s.
They work great, but I cannot say they improve the sound over my cheap and middle of the road power supplies to my hearing anyway.

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One thing to consider is the current switched mode power supply likely doesn’t have a ground connector, and replacing this with another could introduce a ground loop.

I bought a ifi ipower x 5V/3A silent power supply and will soon be able to make comparisons.

No worries I live in Germany, we have a very well done AC network with proper PEN protected ground wire…