RoPieee Reboot Schedule - should I set it?

In the advanced configuration tab of RoPieee there is a Reboot Schedule. Is this something worth setting? I notice that the Update Schedule is currently set to ‘Boot’ so perhaps it would be useful to set a reboot schedule to capture any updates overnight?

It’s not worth it. It is merely there for those that want to (regularly) reboot their Pi’s to ‘start fresh’. Combined with the update schedule it would only introduce an additional check for updates, but RoPieee checks for updates every hour anyhow.

Admittedly this is a setting from the past: I created it purely for myself, but I don’t use it anymore because RoPieee is stable and does not need a reboot for whatever reason.

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Thanks @spockfish

Harry, actually installing the update still has to be initiated by the user if the interface display an update notice, right? I use the weekly reboot to ensure that I catch the updates on every device without any intervention from me. Would you advise a “no reboot” setting for the normal user now?

Hi Nathan,

Sorry for the late reply. If you set the the update schedule to ‘on boot’ it will apply the update with user initiation, provided one is available and already downloaded. The reason why this is not the default setting, but ‘manual’ is, is because of the potential risk when upgrading (or better: pulling the plug while updating).

But for those that reboot their devices withe reboot schedule this setting makes perfect sense.


Do frequent reboots put more stress on the micro sd card?