Ropieee release update issue

I own two Orchard Audio PecanPi Streamers with Rpi 3Bs. Both are connected via ethernet (i.e. no wifi). The last two times I updated Ropieee to the latest release on these (via the web interface), one performed the update just fine while the other PecanPi froze indefinitely with a rapidly flickering green light. I downloaded the latest Ropieee and reflashed to the microSD card via Etcher. A couple of minutes after plugging it back in I was able to access it to reconfigure it.

Do you have any insight as to what the issue might be? Both PecanPi Streamers are configured identically and both work perfectly (except for the failing update on one of them). Any insight is appreciated.

I can’t say without logs obviously.

However, in general, there are risks involved when updating the unit. RoPieee runs completely in memory and does not write to disk. This is because of the fact that an SD card is not designed for multiple writes like an ordinary ‘old skool’ hard-disk: it wears out.

A lot of effort has been put in the update process over the years to be as resilient as possible. But sometimes an update of (very) low-level components is necessary, which in itself is a delicate process.

So it means there’s a chance things go wrong. Obviously that’s certainly not something that I want and I use feedback to improve on it.

Right now of the remaining issues that I’m aware of is when the bootloader of the Pi needs to be updated. So we only do that if it’s absolutely necessary, but still. Right now I’m investigating how I can further improve on that part.

Hopes this gives a little bit of insight.


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Harry, thanks for the quick response. Both units were at release 413 this last time, but the one that failed back in December failed the update again this time. I’ll try swapping out the microSD on the off chance that may be it. I think I may stil havel v413 so I can try loading that first and then performing an update on that. I’ll update this thread if a different microSD fixes it.

Well, your quick update to 2.428 gave me the easy opportunity to see if both of my PecanPi Streamers would update cleanly. They did! So now I have no idea why one of them failed to update earlier. I will swap a new microSD first chance I get just to play it safe.